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Cameras, GESS and our money

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Cameras, GESS and our money

Some may wonder about the relationship between political economy and road behavior, and rightly so. But those who know the toolbox of political economy immediately understand its interest in how a community behaves on the street. Although the column is not a field of theoretical analysis and “running” of models, but rather a platform of “everyday conversation” on the axis of the concepts of reform and sustainability and how they are promoted and implemented everywhere, a fact that regular readers of the column know, The forthcoming introduction of cameras to enhance the state's effort to better enforce the traffic code deserves our attention. It deserves our attention because it is revealing of our approach to everything we want to do to improve the way we live our lives.

The main observation stems from the revealing data provided by the Police, as the competent body, for the results of the trial implementation of the measure that is in progress. In one day, about 500 violations were recorded at a single intersection in Nicosia, specifically at the intersection of Griva Digeni Avenue with Demosthenes Severis. I am sure that the camera would record as many, if not more, at the intersection of Griva Digeni and Themistoklis Dervis and so on. The reason is simple. First the traffic is regulated by adjusting the traffic lights (traffic lights), the rules for the order of priority and the logic of the controlled square are explained to the drivers again and then the cameras are installed that will start photographing any driver waiting in the middle of the intersection. “Yellow” to become “red” to be able to turn, as he was taught at the driving school he went to.

In other words, the Minister of Transport did the right thing and extended the implementation of the measure for the new year, if such a thing is indeed correct, so that at least where the first cameras will be installed, the corresponding arrangements will be made beforehand.

The same “model” of application of innovations in Cyprus is found in other even more grandiose projects such as e.g. the GESS where it was implemented incompletely and without having preceded and completed, as it should be, the autonomy of the hospitals and without creating all the necessary control mechanisms. A fact that led to a negative spill-over of almost all the pathogens of the previous system in the entire health mechanism of Cyprus! This is a tragic development, but indicative of our mentality and ability to stray just because we did not turn on the lights (sic).

Because that's what it's all about. When there is no proper preparation for something, whatever it is, then gaps and mistakes inevitably arise which we are called upon to correct as something “runs”. And if what is “running” is a small and limited footprint, e.g. we did not put enough salt in the food in the pot and we will add later or the house we built was not insulated enough and we will complete its insulation after the first unpleasant downpour, it will not be the end of the world. But when we make, e.g. a plane and instead of taking us to our destination it crashes and hundreds of people die in an instant, then it is definitely the end of the world for the passengers and their families. Sometimes for the company that made it.

So let's get this straight. There are things that we can apply even if they are not fully and adequately prepared and correct them along the way. But throwing away money that belongs to all of us is not one of them. Whether it is the lights and the cameras or it is about our health or anything else we want to introduce in our daily life to improve it and make it more efficient and enjoyable.

Source: politis.com.cy

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