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Cancellations of reservations by tourists due to measures on flights

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Cancellations of reservations by tourists due to measures on flights

Adamos Adamou

The tightening of the measures at the airports, with the aim of reducing the pandemic and stopping the “Omicron” mutation, although temporarily, do not cease to be negative for tourism, says to “F” the Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios.

As it is known, from the 6th of the month, all those who arrive in Cyprus are obliged to have a PCR test at their own expense (15 euros), while since last Saturday, additional measures are in force for travelers from the United Kingdom.

Asked by “F” to comment on the decisions that were announced and entered into force on Saturday for those entering from the United Kingdom, the Undersecretary said that there were several cancellations, but did not want to focus on the UK market only, adding that any decisions taken make it difficult to move, it goes without saying that they lead to cancellations. “We can consider that it does not have tourism now, so it does not affect. Not so, though. “Of course there is tourism, of course there are people who had made reservations for Cyprus, of course there are hotels that would have good occupancy, hence they chose to stay open”, said Mr. Perdios, estimating, however, that everything that is happening now is temporary, wishing to remain such. He stressed, however, the need to convince our partners abroad that the specific measures are indeed temporary “and that we know how to organize for 2022”.

In this context, he repeated, as last week, in the context of the presentation of the activities of his ministry for 2021, that as a destination we must inform in time about the operating protocol of the destination for the new year, in order for the tourism partners of Cyprus in abroad to carry out their own planning.

“There is an understanding on our part that Omicron is out of control abroad and that we need to have more information about the variant, but what we all want everyone to understand is that the destination will not be able to operate in the new year without “there is a protocol for the operation of the destination, decided in time”, noted the Deputy Minister of Tourism. It is worth noting that, on Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced that due to the rapid increase in cases with the “Omicron” variant in the United Kingdom, all passengers entering from 18 December 2021 in the Republic of Cyprus from the United Kingdom, over 12 years and regardless of vaccination coverage or previous illness, they must apply the specific measures listed below.

The new measures concerning those arriving from the UK

Until the issuance of the PCR result, those arriving from the United Kingdom are obliged to remain in self-restraint in their place of residence. In case of a positive result, they remain strictly in self-restraint and await instructions from the Unit of Epidemiological Surveillance & Control of Infectious Diseases. Upon arrival, passengers receive a package containing 5 self-tests, which they must use in case they have a negative result in the PCR test at the airport. Passengers will perform a self-test every day and, in case of a positive result, will contact their Personal Physician in Cyprus, to refer them for PCR examination at the Public Health Clinics of their province of residence. If they do not have a Personal Doctor in Cyprus, then they will contact the Coordination of Public Health Clinics directly at the email: [email protected] by sending their identification details (name, surname, telephone, ID number, date of birth and province) , as well as a photo of their positive self-test. Within 72 hours of their arrival, given that in the previous days they had a negative result in conducting the self-test, they should conduct a rapid test in the mobile units of the Ministry of Health and send the result to the email: [email protected] .gov.cy through the website from which they will publish it (www.eudcc.gov.cy) by selecting SEND. To be eligible for the rapid test for free, they must present their boarding pass at the sampling point.

Source: www.philenews.com

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