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Candidates and parties in the streets for dialogue with citizens

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& nbsp & nbsp Andreas Pimpisis & nbsp; & nbsp;

The gap between politicians and citizens is trying to bridge the parties that are now rushing to the fields and livestock units in order to gain the sympathy of the citizens. With the exception of Nikos Christodoulidis who seems to be gaining the support of a significant portion of citizens from all party areas, everyone else has a difficult road ahead of them. Why should they first convince the voters of their own space? & Nbsp;

In Pindarou they see that the tactics they followed all this time against Nikos Christodoulidis has not achieved its goal, as the former Minister of Foreign Affairs continues to enjoy high percentages of popularity. And according to all polls, at least one half of DISY voters to move in support of Nikos Christodoulidis. A tendency that has a special weight if one realizes that DISY has not only made its decisions for the next presidential elections but mainly the candidate it supports is the party leader himself. & Nbsp;

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“Alarm” by Averoff for maximum mobilization Nikos's announcement is approaching – Daily contact with citizens margarita “in AKEL and DIKO

Averof Neophytou rushed to Kokkinochoria on Saturday to talk to farmers who are facing problems due to the weather conditions. This move is a sample of the actions that will follow from the alarmist president who will have to hurry throughout the territory of free Cyprus in order to gain the support of the party's voters. Although an attempt is made through targeted publications to create the impression that DISY is facing a consolidation problem, nevertheless there is an indirect admission that there is a difficulty on the part of Averof Neophytou to convince the people of the party. “There is a communication problem”, several senior executives of DISY admit. An assumption that clearly shows that the problem is not with DISY as a party but with Averof Neophytou as a candidate. A fact that he himself confirms by running from here and there in a new attempt to convince the society that the image they have of him is wrong.

The tactics of the attacks against Nikos Christodoulidis are proving to be anything but harmful. Nor does the effort made by certain circles of Pindar to convince the wider society to pass the message that the same applies to the former Foreign Minister as to Averof Neophytou regarding their relationship with the Anastasiadis government. However, it is also evident from the polls that this correlation is not achieved. & Nbsp;

And while other candidates and parties are working to convey their own positions to civil society, Nikos Christodoulidis is working to gather positions, concerns and suggestions of the citizens themselves so that the announcements he will make soon will reflect what people see in person of the former Foreign Minister, in the issues of fight against corruption, economy, Cyprus and social policy. & nbsp;

The opposition, for its part, is trying to stay close to the citizens and especially their own voters. The inability of the opposition to reach decisions in relation to the Presidential elections of '23 also affects their relations with society. That is why they rush at every opportunity to meetings with organized groups in order to keep in touch with its people and to record views, reactions and assessments in relation to the presidential ones. Because it is not only the meetings that have to do with specific problems, but in these contacts the discussion and the Presidential chapter enter, and opinions and assessments are recorded. & Nbsp;

The difficulty so far of the opposition forces, mainly AKEL-DIKO, to reach a cooperation agreement has, to a certain extent, to do with the messages that the leaderships receive from their party bases. And in the end it is not ruled out that these messages of the base will play a decisive role in the decisions that will be taken by the political forces in relation to next year's presidential elections. & Nbsp;

Stagnation in the dialogue & nbsp; b >

The days pass without any prospect of cooperation between AKEL and DIKO. Both parties realize that things have become very difficult, so it is not ruled out that this week a last meeting between Stefanos Stefanos and Nikolas Papadopoulos will be attempted in order to finally clarify the whole issue. & Nbsp;

Both parties see that the whole issue should be closed in one way or another. Indirectly, the two leaderships realize that the cooperation between them has become very difficult, without ruling out any last minute move to overturn the data so far. & Nbsp;

The question is how the two parties will present a failure if they indulge in a game of blame or if they leave a window open for the future. & nbsp; what they have to do and what their choices will be for next year's presidential election. & nbsp;

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