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Capricorn Man: Secrets that he hides and you must know, if you want him

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Capricorn Man: Secrets that he hides and you must know, if you want him

Then he can change the image you have of him

“What you see, you get” does not apply to the Capricorn man, since he takes care to maintain an image of seriousness, sometimes even coldness, in order to look “intact”. But the reality is somewhat different. Read below the secrets he hides, which may change your opinion about him.

He wants to be admired and praised

One of his biggest advantages is that he can do it perfectly with whatever he undertakes. But he also wants to hear his “bravo”. A hug, a “baby, congratulations” is of great value to him and gives him the psychological boost to continue his difficult climb to the top.

As he gets older he learns …

He is quite smart and studious, but he plays authority. That phrase of “let me know” can break your nerves, but he is not stubborn and that is the most important thing. If you prove him wrong, you will hear an apology and he will immediately change his attitude.

He is strict, but …

… because he himself does not have the infallibility of the Pope, he shows understanding. But the point is to admit it and not start lying and making excuses because there he feels that you are passing him off as stupid and you are trying to make fun of him, so that is where he gets it completely.

He is quite impulsive

And yet, although it does not seem to him, his impulses are many and intense. What he used to drink water in his name, he can then condemn, if he sees that it is not true. Or where they swear that there is no case to do or accept something, to do the exact opposite. We said, the man is not an “open book”, so do not make the mistake of classifying him as “certain”.

As it grows, it shrinks

Capricorn is born big and takes himself very seriously. Gradually, however, recognizing his abilities, he gains the confidence he lacked. There he begins to realize that he has spent his youth in the “musts” and turns it into the “I want”. He laughs more, has fun, has much less stress at work or does not care what others say. It is not ruled out that it will also produce palimpsest (Konstantaras one thing).

Sir came, sir will not leave

He is sensitive and clearly in pain, regardless of the image “nothing touches me”, so if you hurt him or betray his trust, forget the Lord as you deserve and restrained that you met. He will get angry, but he will not raise the tone of his voice (the eyebrow can), nor will he start swearing and swearing. He will make you psychologically rag, with his sharp tongue and the style “I look where I see you”, knocking you down. Of course, after that you have died for him, you do not exist, you do not care about him.

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