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Caroline Murder: The Pilot Tricks and the Background of the Serious Crime

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Caroline Murder: The Pilot Tricks and the Background of the Serious Crime

The “fatal rift” in the 33-year-old pilot's relationship with the unfortunate Caroline – which has widened in the last five months – is now being detected and analyzed by the court official dealing with the dramatic incident of May 11 in the Glyna Nero maisonette. The main goal is to answer all the questions about the murder of the 20-year-old that were still pending from the investigation of the Hellenic Police, which turned its attention to the criminal role of Babis Anagnostopoulos only in the last days before the final clarification of the case. After all, this is a case with constant twists and new questions, since the heinous crime was followed by an impressive robbery.

Now, a new question in the Freshwater thriller, which lasts almost 50 days, is to find the motive of the perpetrator and mainly from where Caroline's conflict with her killer started, as well as what was it that eventually led the pilot to design the – according to him – “perfect crime” with impressive coldness. This fact, after all, is demonstrated by the “punitive”, as he was characterized, way he chose to kill the unfortunate Caroline, whose name he did not avoid mentioning in his many public statements and posts after the crime.

Therefore, the interest of court officials is to clarify all aspects and parameters of the criminal act but also to its legal characterization, in order to determine whether it is a premeditated act or other data may emerge that may change the criminal treatment of the accused. However, from the evidence so far, there is no doubt that only the masterful way of shaping the crime scene, in order to refer to a robbery, the imitation of other robberies and his careful statements, constitute a preparation for a long period of time.

To date, however, the investigators of the case have a clear picture that there were constant disputes in the couple that started a year and a half ago and which have taken a bad turn in recent months. However, it has not yet been established whether it all started with the pregnancy of the unfortunate Caroline (s.s. as he claims in his apology) or there are other dark spots in the choices and behavior of the pilot that led the 20-year-old to a negative attitude towards him, such as and to other members of his family.

It is indicative that the 20-year-old avoided contacts with many relatives of the pilot in Athens and to whom she attributed indifference, avoidance of financial contribution to the couple's transactions, etc. So far, it remains unknown if there was a third person in the relationship who may have played a role in the couple breaking up. The young mother, however, had avoided saying anything to her parents in Alonissos about the gap with her husband. The latter, in fact, had the deceptive image that their daughter was happy and it is indicative that when some questions were raised about the possible involvement of the pilot in her murder, they had expressed their discomfort, talking about “non-existent accusations”.

New deposit

According to information, an answer will be attempted to be given by a newer testimony of the counselor – he had been presented as a “psychologist” – Eleni Mylonopoulou who allegedly had proceeded to at least 10 sessions with the couple in the period October – January. According to the same sources, the counselor can give important information about the couple's points of friction but also about Caroline's reported intention to file for divorce, according to her online diary. In fact, court officials may ask the counselor if she received visits or telephone contacts with the 33-year-old perpetrator, in the first days after the crime, during which he may have asked her to hide session data.

However, important data is expected to emerge from the analysis of the perpetrator and victim mobile phones. The device of the conjugator, however, was decided to be examined by the Department of Digital Evidence Examination of the Forensic Laboratories of EL.AS. about 20 days after the homicide. This department, which counts more than 1,000 case investigations in 2020 and the total volume of data it examined exceeded 750 terabytes, is using special algorithms and artificial intelligence systems to “read” mobile data.

So far, the examination of Babis Anagnostopoulos' mobile phone has shown that he was moving and “playing” with the time he stated that he was tied up, something that was a key incriminating element. Equally important are the overall data from the investigation of his mobile phone, over a period of months, the messages he had exchanged and the internet communication platforms he used, among others, with his wife, while there is a similar interest for Caroline's mobile phone. . It is noted that EL.AS. has the ability to recover deleted files in case the killer had attempted – while the mobile phone was still in his possession – to delete critical data. Additional information will be sought, after all, from the testimonies of relatives and friends of the couple, while their transactions will also be under the “microscope”.

EL.AS. is now trying to fill research gaps and “pathogens” in the investigation into the murder in Glyka Nera, since for at least a month there was the certainty that it was a robbery. Thus, no questions were asked in time to a medical examiner about the reported time of “fainting” of the 33-year-old, it was not investigated whether he actually had the 11,000 euros in the house allegedly stolen by the “robbers” and the lack of any evidence (DNA, fingerprints) was not taken into account. videos, etc.) from the alleged invasion.

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