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Case of 100 recruitments: He was sleeping the sleep of the law

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Case of 100 recruitments: He was sleeping the sleep of the law

For the time being, no blunder has been opened regarding the blunder regarding the issue of recruitment in the police force. As it is known, 100 “additions” of members that took place in August 2020 were declared invalid by a court, while at the same time, the “contaminated” process for the recruitment of another 350 members entered the ice.

The Legal Service and the Cyprus Police since last Friday (05/11) launched actions to save what is saved, while so far there has been no talk of taking responsibility. Nor does it seem that it will happen…

However, looking back about 16 months in time, one realizes that all those involved had found that the upcoming recruitments were problematic. However, they did not focus on the real problem of the proceedings and much more no one was able to reverse the situation. At the beginning of July 2020 (06/07), “P”, with his publication brought to light the specified problem. The subject of the report was a letter from lawyer G. Karapatakis to the Chief of Police, in which he had spoken about obvious illegality. He had raised the issue with the series of exams that infected the whole process, as a number of candidates had first undergone psychometric tests, before undergoing sports tests. In addition, the psychometric tests were performed by a company and not by the evaluation committee, as provided by the relevant regulation.

All this, however, did not seem to be recognized by the then members of the parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs. Ten days later, they were discussing whether those then being considered for admission to the police force should pass one of the two psychometric tests (cognition and personality) or both together, in order to be considered successful and recruited. In fact, then the deputies seem to have been waiting to make decisions on the basis of the opinion that the Legal Service would make. It is indicative that on July 16, D. Dimitriou (DISY) publicly stated that “our guide will be the opinion and we do not want to outlaw”. For his part, A. Damianou (AKEL) said that “we warned about the problems that would be created” and concluded with the hope “that decisions will be taken that will not lead to court proceedings”. Christiana Erotokritou (DIKO) focused on another point and said that the announcement stating that the candidates can pass, either the personality test, or the cognitive abilities or both, must be implemented. Besides, Kostis Efstathiou (EDEK) had expressed the view that in order to prevent the impasse, those who passed one of the two psychometric tests should be considered successful. Finally, the next day (17/07/2020) and before the plenary session, the members of the Legal Committee decided that there was no problem. Here is an excerpt from a news item (ANT1): legislation “.

Already, the 350 who took part in the “infected” recruitment process that has been going on in recent months have been informed that “all further trials you are participating in are being suspended”.

Meanwhile, in a joint announcement of PASYDY and the Cyprus Police Association, support is expressed for the 100 whose recruitment was annulled by the Administrative Court. They assure that they are handling the issue and that in case a group appeal is needed, then the costs will be covered by PASYDY and SAK.

Besides, in his statements to RIK, the head of the Police Branch of “Equality”, Nikos Loizidis, spoke about the very heavy responsibilities of two high-ranking officers, who with their decisions led to the present impasse.

Source: politis.com.cy

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