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Catapult the Audit Office for Symphony Orchestra: Irregularities, non-observance of good practices and actions of Board members without approval

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Catapult the Audit Office for Symphony Orchestra: Irregularities, non-observance of good practices and actions of Board members without approval

Lack of regulations for the operation of the institution and staff regulations, non-compliance with good practices, actions of Board members without the approval of the Council, errors in the drafting of the Artistic Director's contract, as well as granting bonuses to employees in an irregular manner, the Audit Office finds of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation (IDOK).

According to the report, although the Foundation continues to depend to a large extent, almost exclusively, on state sponsorship, the good practices and procedures imposed by the principles of good administration and sound financial management, which apply to the State, are not always followed. Sector and which are provided for in the relevant legislation.

As mentioned, the income of the Foundation comes almost exclusively from state sponsorship. During the year 2019 the Foundation received a state sponsorship of € 2,699,000 (€ 2,575,000 in 2018), which corresponds to 92.3% (93.8% in 2018) of total revenues, while € 226,005 (€ 169,972 in 2018). ) or 7.8% (6.2% in 2018) came from other income of the Foundation.

“Also, there is an unjustified delay in the preparation of Regulations, which regulate the operation of the Foundation and the responsibilities and terms of service of the staff, the preparation of which would set guidelines and solve a lot of problems”, adds the Ministry of Education, noting that the Ministry and Youth, which was the competent Ministry until 2019, did not exercise satisfactory supervision over the Foundation.

“As it seems, until today, 15 months after the Ministry of Finance took over the supervision, neither does his own action show, in our opinion, determination in exercising satisfactory control, in an institution that manages public money”, it is noted.

In the report, EV states that it identified cases where members of the Board of Directors made decisions or entered into agreements, with which they committed the Foundation, without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

During the audit, the approval of the Financial Regulations by the BoD was not submitted to our Service. Also, no Regulations were submitted that regulate the operation of the Foundation, as well as the responsibilities and terms of service of the employees of the Foundation, it is noted.

Therefore, EV recommends that the Foundation prepare and approve the Operating Regulations of the Foundation, based on the provisions of the Founding Act, as soon as possible.

At the same time, the EV reports a meeting of the Board of Directors, on 10.10.2019, during which it was decided that four employees of the Foundation be granted a monthly allowance of € 500 each, due to an increase in duties, as well as a € 40 telephone allowance.

“We noticed that the above decisions, which had immediate effect, were taken at a meeting of the Board, in which the ex officio Members of the Board representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were not invited to attend.”

EV notes a letter from the General Director of the Ministry of Culture, to the Foundation, in which it is pointed out that any decisions taken in sessions in which the representatives of the Ministry were not invited to attend, are irregular.

Regarding the Contract of the Artistic Director (KD) of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra (SONK) it is noted that on 8.2.2013 an employment contract was signed for the Artistic Director-Conductor of SONK, between the Foundation and KD SONK. The contract, which was for a certain period of time, with the right to renew at least three months before its expiration, covered the period 1.1.2013–31.12.2015. However, as mentioned, when the renewal of the contract was requested, the Artistic Director replied that the contract made him indefinite and he appealed to the Nicosia Labor Disputes Court, which acquitted him.

“From the above it seems that, due to timeless mishandling of the successive BoDs of the Foundation, the employment status of KD was changed to indefinite time, thus violating the terms of the contract signed by both parties,” the report states.


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