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Cattle breeders request a meeting with Christodoulidis regarding the halloumi decree

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The Coordinating Committee of Cattle Breeders requests a meeting with the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, to discuss its positions for a definitive solution to the issue of halloumi.

< p>In their letter to President Christodoulidis, the cattle farmers state that huge investments have been made in Cattle Farming with the use of European funds which should be honored while emphasizing that halloumi was built by cattle farming and they do not accept policies that will displace it.< /p>

As they report, on June 27, 2024 they received a telephone invitation from the Ministry of Agriculture for a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture on July 4, 2024 to discuss the Halloumi issue.

On July 3, 2024, it was reported by the media that the Minister of Agriculture would hold meetings with the stakeholders to issue a new decree to determine the minimum participation quota of goat and sheep milk for the preparation of PDO halloumi.

They further mention that it came to their attention through a publication that the Minister of Agriculture, after the meeting she had with the cheese makers, sheep and goat farmers and cattle farmers, will issue a new decree which will define from July 10, 2024 until August 15, 2024, the percentage of goat and sheep milk in the halloumi production 25%, as it is today. In the period between August 16, 2024 and February 15, 2025 inclusive it amounts to 19% and in the period between February 16, 2025 and July 9, 2025 inclusive it increases to 30%.

Cattle breeders add that both milk percentages that will be determined in the new decree as well as the policy that is prescribed is disastrous for both cattle breeding and the local dairy industry.

“You promised in the meetings with those involved that your goal is to secure and increase halloumi exports, maintain and increase jobs, make available all types of milk and generally develop the dairy sector”, they report to the President of the Republic.< /p>

To remind you, the letter continues, that you publicly promised towards the end of last year that the Ministry of Agriculture would be ready to record during its collection, the production of goat and sheep milk with a GPS system just as it is done by collecting cow's milk for about 40 years.  Unfortunately, it is noted, the Government did not manage to implement this promise either, and from today's events it appears that the non-registration of goat and sheep milk was not accidental, but was deliberate in order to issue decrees with “cooked” numbers and methodologies.

They point out finally, that at this stage and until a definitive solution is found, the percentages in the decrees should be such that not a single liter of cow's and sheep's milk is left over.

source: KYPE

Source: 24h.com.cy

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