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Cattle farmers: In the Presidential milk, if the cheese factories close

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What the Coordinating Committee of Cattle Breeders decided, in its extraordinary session

Αγελαδοτ&rhoφοι : Στ&omicron? ;ν τα τυροκομεiα

If the cheesemakers implement their decisions, all the produced cow's milk from January 10 will be taken to the Presidential Palace, decided the Coordinating Committee of Cattle Breeders, in its extraordinary session.

According to a statement from the Commission, the issue for cattle farmers is “a matter of survival”, as they say. They note that the effort to make halloumi known throughout the world was based on cattle breeding. “The production and distribution of cow's milk cannot be based on the logic of its connection with the production of goat's milk”, they state, noting that the consumer has a choice and should be able to choose the halloumi of his liking.

< p>They also note that the government included in the production of PDO Halloumi sheep and goat breeds developed locally by millionaire investors and wonder “how did they know and who promised these investors that the sheep and goat breeds imported into Cyprus would be included in the production of PDO Halloumi receiving even millions of subsidies”.

The Coordinating Committee states that with the restrictions set by the government, it requests the removal of cow's milk from the production of halloumi and the addition of the milk of these new breeds of sheep and goats.

“For cow farmers it is now a matter of survival and therefore the Coordinating Committee of Cow Farmers has decided that if the cheese makers implement their decisions, then all the produced cow's milk from January 10, 2024 will be taken to the Presidential Palace where the Government should take care of its processing and disposal”, they state in their statement.

It is recalled that the Association of Cheesemakers decided from January 10 to close the cheese factories, as a reaction to the decree that provides for the increase of its participation of goat and sheep milk in the production of halloumi.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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