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CERA: €100,000 fine to the Cyprus Transmission System Operator

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According to its decision, they constitute violations of the terms of its license and the Regulation of the Electricity Market Law of 2021

ΡΑΕΚ: Πρoστιμο €100,000 στ ον Διαχειριστor Συστorματος Μετ&alpha ;φορας Κyπρου

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An administrative fine of €100,000 was imposed by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) on the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO) regarding the handling of the problems that arose, or still exist, in the Ring of underground high-voltage cables in the urban area of ​​Nicosia, which, according to its decision, constitute violations of the terms of its license and of the Regulation of the Electricity Market Law of 2021.

As it states in its announcement, it completed the process of examining a possible violation that had begun ex officio on July 8, 2022.

CERA reports that the amount of the fine “is judged to be reasonable, fair and proportionate taking into account the nature, seriousness and duration of the infringements”, while noting that for its calculation the practical intent of the DSMC was evaluated and taken into account as mitigating factors compliance as well as the objective reasons that contributed to the violations and exceeded the capabilities of the DSMC.

Furthermore, in its announcement, CERA announces that it has decided to call on the DSMC to take all the necessary actions to strictly adhere to the implementation schedules of the projects related to the solution of the problems of the Ring as presented in the approved Ten-Year Transmission System Development Program (TSDP) ) 2023-2032 as well as its approved amendment.

Regarding the issues that were also established by the Conclusion that do not fall under the control of the DSMK and pertain to the competences of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, CERA reports that on October 4, 2023 the complete Conclusion has been communicated to the Ministry and actions are expected, while a proposal has been made by CERA for the creation of a one-stop shop for important projects of the Transmission System in accordance with the categorization of the DPASM in order to implement a special procedure to expedite licensing of the projects in question by the relevant government agencies.

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