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“Certainly Antwerp wants revenge”

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Omonia coach Henning Berg spoke about the 4-2 rematch at GSP in today's press conference. The Norwegian coach pointed out that the first minutes at the headquarters of Antwerp are crucial, but said that he does not expect a very different game compared to the first.

“We are looking forward to tomorrow, we are waiting for tomorrow's game. We have a good result, against a good team. We want to test ourselves away from home and be competitive. The atmosphere will be good. It will be good for our development and to have this experience. We are happy with the result of the first game and we want to be competitive “.

If something is going to change in relation to the first game: “Maybe we will change tactics, maybe some players, maybe the approach, maybe not. It's not something we can talk about today. I do not expect a very different game compared to how the first match started. They were imposed in the first half and created problems for us. They play at home and it may be a similar game as the first one started, or it may be as it ended. We'll see. We are waiting for the game and we are happy to be here and we have in front of us a team that plays at a higher level than us “.

If he believes that the match will be judged in the first minutes: “I do not think so. The first minutes are crucial. Football is 90 minutes or even 95 '. The key is to be good defensively. To have good counterattacks and it will be good to use the ball well when we have it so that we do not have to constantly defend. “I expect them to be aggressive, however, and at a very high pace.”

For Hubochan: “He recovered from his injury, but he also has a family issue. Nothing serious, though, since the match would not start it was better to be with his own. It is difficult when your family is in another country. It was better not to be with us. We would like to have all the players with us. He was not with us in the first match and we got a good result. We are happy with the players we have with us. Hubochan will be available from week “

If Omonia is ready: “We are at normal levels, we are at a normal point of readiness. It is difficult to talk about how the fight will develop. Definitely Antwerp wants revenge, they will look for goals. I have seen many games in my life, some of them evolve differently instead of what you expect “.

For the youngsters: “They are good players, we know what they can do. These kinds of games are different but our young people have quality and perspective. We will see what we will do “.

For the Antwerp players: “I am sure they will be better tomorrow. I have a good image for the team. Antwerp is a very good team, they also got a good football player (Nainggolan). “It's a challenge for us to face Antwerp.”

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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