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Certification of Themis Portfolio Management with the Sound Industrial Relations standard

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&Pi ;ιστοποΙηση της Themis Portfolio Management με το πρότυπο Sound Industrial Relations

Themis Portfolio Management Limited always applies best practices in providing services, guided by deep social responsibility and transparency. Operating with the aim of creating established working relationships within the group of professionals that make it up, the company has deservedly obtained the “Healthy Working Relations, Modern Business” standard certificate ( SIR 2014).

The SIR 2014 standard is an important tool for the consolidation and understanding but mainly for the correct application of Cypriot labor legislation and practice in Cypriot companies and organizations. A special feature of the standard is the importance and focus on labor law issues, while at the same time the integration and number of tested good and best practices related to the aims and objectives of the standard.

The areas of focus for SIR 2014 are:

  • Commitment to Implementing and Promoting Healthy Industrial Relations
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Labor Law and Management of Human Resources
  • Promoting Equality and Addressing Harassment and Sexual Harassment Discrimination
  • Work-Family Reconciliation and Other Good Practices.

The project “Healthy Labor Relations, Modern Enterprises” is co-financed by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Social Fund, with the main objective of improving the quality of implementation of the Cypriot legislative and institutional framework of labor relations, among Small and Medium Enterprises . The actions of the project respond in a specific way to the identified deficiencies presented by Cypriot small and medium enterprises, in the correct and effective implementation of the legislative and institutional framework concerning labor relations.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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