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CG PEO: There are also omissions in the implementation of the law on standing

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“The majority of the workers are union unprotected and have only minimal rights” he said between among others in her statements, Sotiroulla Charalambous

There are also omissions in the implementation of the standing law, she states that the PEO identifies and calls on the Ministry of Labor for more effective controls.

PEO General Manager Sotiroula Charalambous, head of delegation, launched on Monday an information campaign on the occasion of International Women's Day and visited retail stores on Ledras and Onasagorou streets.

In statements she said that PEO has set up a special thematic for contact with the workers in the retail trade, pointing out that mainly the workers are women.

The aim of this campaign, he said, is to highlight the many problems this industry faces with long working hours, the fact that the majority of workers are union unprotected and have only minimal rights, to inform about the new standing legislation and the need for this to be implemented.

“We want to underline the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor for effective controls especially regarding standing legislation. Our experience to date since December when the legislation was passed is that there are gaps and omissions, the legislation is not sufficiently implemented and our goal is not just to pass the legislation, but to implement it,” he said.

The General Secretary of PEO also said that it has been proven in practice that the most effective way to regulate the rights of these workers is through the organization and sectoral collective agreement.

“This campaign is an information campaign and a call to fight for that the workers, in this sector as well, can have the rights, which are the state's obligation to give them in order to have a sectoral collective agreement”, he said.

Source: politis.com.cy

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