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Ch. Theopemptou: The lack of space for rubble is a big problem

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The issue of construction and demolition waste management was discussed on Wednesday by the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment, which calls on the competent state services to indicate to the interested entrepreneurs possible areas for such activities.

Its President Commissioner Charalambos Theopemptou said in a statement after the meeting that they were continuing to discuss this “complex issue”. b>

In the past, he said, they had the difficulty that the various professionals involved in either skipping or earthmoving were not organized into associations. “Now they have been organized in associations and for the first time we have the views of the associations on the changes that will be made in the bill,” he added.

He said that they see one by one the paragraphs of the bill and the comments of the professionals.

“It's a complex issue, a lot of people are affected, even if their work is left open, and that's why we look at it very carefully to see that we can protect the environment and at the same time keep people doing their jobs and they work better and within the European Directive “, he said.

A big problem, he noted, is finding places for such activities.

Professionals, he added, claim that it is difficult for the competent state services to find a place to get the materials from demolition, the materials they get from a construction.

“We had a big problem in some areas that did not “there was even provision,” he said, adding that a truck from the Famagusta area could not cross half of Cyprus to pick up rubble. “The costs will skyrocket,” Mr Theopemptou added. “We do not find resistance from anyone to do the legal, they just do not find space,” he added.

In 4 weeks in the Plenary the bill for disposable plastics

The Commission has completed the discussion on the bill for disposable plastics, which, according to Mr. Theopemptou, should have been discussed, voted and implemented, since last July.

It said that the text to all Members and in three weeks they will be able to table amendments so that in the fourth week it goes to a vote.

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