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Chalkida: “Husband abuse drove 39-year-old to horrific crime,” says victim's lawyer

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Χαλκiδα: «Η κα κοποΙηση απo τον σyζυγο οδorγησε τ&eta ;ν 39χρονη στο φρικτo εγκλημα», λεε&iota

“Nothing tormented her for 15 years, nothing at all. It is an excuse invented to cover up her act”, emphasizes Athanasios Tartis

The authorities are looking for the reasons that led the 39-year-old to murder the 43-year-old carpenter in Chalkida.


The lawyer of the victim's family and a personal friend of the unfortunate man, Athanasios Tartis, maintains that there was never a bond between the accused and the 43-year-old and emphasizes that the cause of the crime must be sought in the abuse by her husband, which allegedly herself in recent years.

“Nothing tormented her for 15 years, nothing at all. It is an excuse she invented to cover her act. Scripts are created to cover the unwarranted. There was never a bond or a relationship between the victim and the 39-year-old,” Mr. Tartis declares to ANT1.

And he adds: “What the 39-year-old is saying makes no sense, because otherwise she and her husband would not have gone to the victim's wedding. The whole village had not gone, there were only a few guests, including the 39-year-old and her husband”.

“In the last 2-3 years, her systematic abuse began”

Yesterday (22/1) the lawyer revealed that the victim and his wife, six months after their marriage, went to his office asking for a restraining order against the 39-year-old, because she was harassing the 43-year-old and he she suggested they instead inform her husband, who was a personal friend of the 43-year-old's, which they did.

Today, he points out that “unfortunately, it seems after the victim notified her husband that “dude, watch your wife”, the abuse of the 39-year-old began. I heard from the accused's mother that since then, in the last 2-3 years, the systematic abuse of the 39-year-old by her husband began. The perpetrator's mother told her alone. Her father used to talk about “blackened eyes” and such”.

“There is no secret connecting the two. It seems that this systematic abuse by her husband led her to take revenge on the unfortunate victim, because he was the one who “pinned” her to her husband for the pressure she was putting on him,” she concludes.

To the investigator tomorrow the 39-year-old

It is noted that the 39-year-old perpetrator is being held at the Chalkida Police Department while she has been prosecuted for intentional homicide, illegal possession of weapons and use of weapons and is now preparing her apology, as tomorrow (24/1) is expected to be brought before the investigator.

The authorities are now looking for the motive that “armed” the woman's hand and are “putting” the communications of the two people under the microscope.

The police have requested the declassification of the communications on both the 39-year-old's mobile phone as well as on the 43-year-old's mobile phone, as he believes that there may be crucial information regarding the reason why the perpetrator set up a death plot on the victim.

“Whatever I have to say I will tell the investigator “, she insists on saying. Not long ago, the 39-year-old had confided in her parents that an incident had happened between her and the 43-year-old that scarred her and she was never able to get over.

Her father claimed on Sunday (21/1) that the 43-year-old had raped his daughter and that recently he had been spreading non-existent rumors in the village that they had an affair.

However, the 39-year-old defendant denies his words and clarifies that she never told her parents about the rape.

source: in.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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