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Charalambous: Statutory changes in POED are a small feat

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The recent statutory changes in POED will make the Organization much more flexible and efficient in the future, says in a written statement Haris Charalambous, General Secretary of POED and member of the Executive Secretariat of A. Ki. DA. He notes that the statutory changes were made 41 years after the corresponding ones in 1981 and considers their approval a small feat.

"We really owed it to our members". Mr. Charalambous states that yesterday's result is the product of a huge amount of work done over the last 10 years, at the initiative of the Movements and POED, who believed that changes should finally be made.

«If you think about it no one that all these years that passed, despite the efforts through movement committees, there were many and vertical disagreements about what changes should be promoted, both between the Movements and between the Movements' executives within them, yes really yesterday's conclusion with the unanimous resolution of the Movements and 96% of the Branch who voted for it, it looks like a feat.

Mr. Charalambous wishes these changes and the others that will be promoted in the next period in the Pan-Cypriot Statutory Assembly in PSGA, to make POED even stronger and more effective so that it can offer even more to its members and to the education of our country.

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