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Chatzikostis to Pr. Anastasiadis for attack on DIA: “It is your last chance to show the world that you exist” (video)

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Chatzikostis to Pr. Anastasiadis for attack on DIA:


His disgust and shock was expressed by President Anastasiadis, who visited the “DIAS” complex today, which was attacked by unvaccinated people last night, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board, Kostis Hatzikostis, who welcomed him in a charged atmosphere. President Anastasiadis stated, among other things, that “at the time when Turkey is invading for the third time, some brainless people tried to overthrow the state”. I respect, he said any peaceful protest, however he stressed that there will be no tolerance for anyone who has the impression that he will bring us to a situation similar to his before 1974.

According to sigmalive, Mr. Hatzikostis, among other things, said very strongly to President Anastasiadis: “This is your last chance to show the world that you exist.” The President of the Republic replied “I exist”… with Mr. Hatzikostis repeating to him that “if you exist, I exist next to you in practice…”. The President said, “when the Police move to enforce the law, the next day we have what we have”, with Mr. Hatzikostis saying that “the Police is your biggest problem, fix it”. “I have an emergency meeting immediately afterwards,” he added.

“I express my sympathy to the police. Fortunately, they were not hit in the head with the flares “, noted the PD.

Speaking in a strong style, Nikos Anastasiadis stated that “freedom of expression is a right. Such behaviors will not be tolerated and you will see it. Illegality will not be allowed to prevail. We will support the band “DIAS”. We will not accept the silence of the press, no matter how hostile it is to the government. We will be on the side of every media so that it can freely express any views “.

Finally, Nikos Anastasiadis stated that the state will be there for those who think of repeating yesterday. There will be more than severe punishments. “No one will be prosecuted for insulting me.” “The goal is not to silence, but to fight the illegals”, he concluded.

The five arrested for the attack on the DIAS band are on trial

Attack by vaccinators on the DIAS Complex – A police officer was injured (photo, video)

Attack on the “DIAS” complex: Another one was arrested, a total of five, and the Police are looking for another ten (photos)

The “DIAS” complex looks like a bombed landscape after the attack of vaccinators (photos)

Source: politis.com.cy

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