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Chile: Police officer kills street artist – Violent incidents break out

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Chile: Police officer kills street artist - Violent incidents break out

Violent incidents erupted yesterday Friday in a city in southern Chile where a carabinieri earlier shot and killed a street artist.

Protesters set fire to Pangipoli town hall, about 950 kilometers south of the capital Santiago, according to a video uploaded to its website by the radio station cooperativa.

Earlier, protesters set up roadblocks and attacked a police station by throwing stones. Carabinieri used tear gas and compressed water pumps to repel them.

At a crossroads in the city center, a police officer shot a juggler because he refused to obey an order given to him.

After the carabinieri threw two warnings on the ground twice, the young artist ran towards him. The policeman shot him.

The juggler was holding three swords in his hands, with which he made a show at the crossroads.

The prosecutor's office announced that it was investigating the case. The interior ministry instructed police to co-operate.

Due to their many barbaric actions, the carabinieri of Chile, a body similar to that of the gendarmerie in other countries, are under severe criticism.

More than thirty people were killed and hundreds injured, many of them disabled, in the crackdown on protests and riots across the country in late 2019.

Human rights groups have repeatedly called on the Chilean authorities to investigate the Carabinieri leadership.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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