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Christiana Aristotelous: She spoke about the crisis in her marriage with George Ephraim (Video/Exclusive)

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    “We faced very difficult times,” said Christiana Aristotelous, among others.

    Christiana Aristotelous was a guest on the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back” with Charalambos Heimonas. Among other things, the beloved presenter talked about her personal life and the crisis she went through in her marriage with George Ephraim.

    “We certainly faced very difficult times. Do you know… the saying “like everyone” it may not be true because there may be couples who have not gone through a crisis. We, yes, have definitely passed. We are two different personalities, two people whose daily life moves at high speeds. Giorgos has a lot of time away from home for preparations and games. So I consider it completely normal in our case for the balances to be disturbed and in some phases for things to be quite difficult”, initially saidChristiana Aristotelous on the ShowBiz podcast and then added:

    “Think that all the years I have been with George, every weekend I am alone with the children. So the fatigue and the fact that I might expect some things differently and Giorgos the same from his side is logical. When you run around all day with various things, it doesn't really want the other person to say something to you, for you to say something to them, and for there to be a conflict that in certain phases, due to a great tension, brings you a little far away and opposite the other”.< /p>

    Watch the video below: 

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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