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Christina Kyriakou: Shocked by her partner's health adventure – “I was very scared” (Exclusive)

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    Χριστiνα Κυρικ συκλσε τεριπε&iota αεσσυρο–«ο ;orθκα πο» (Αποκλιστικ)


    “He was hospitalized for 12 days and the doctors couldn't find what was wrong with him”, he said among other things.

    Christina Kyriakou was invited to the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back”with journalist Charalambos Heimonas. Among other things, the beloved actress talked about the health adventure that her partner, Dimitris went through after a trip they made to Sri Lanka.As she revealed the event was something that made her very afraid and worried about her man.

    “In August we went on a trip and had a fantastic time. However, on the last day Dimitris fell ill, so we returned to Cyprus and he was hospitalized for about 12 to 15 days in the hospital. He had very high fevers and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. I was being told various serious illnesses that he could have because we had been to Sri Lanka, so the doctors' minds were going to very strange things. In the end it was just a respiratory virus, but it took several days for them to identify what it was. Dimitris was a mess,” Hristina Kyriakou initially said on the ShowBiz podcast. 

    Katopin, the beloved actress, added: “I was after a trip and suddenly I went home with my bags alone and I was wondering what is going on. It was twelve very difficult days that I didn't know at first what my man has and what will happen. It was also the beginning of the year and I was rushing to make trailers and photoshoots for the show, etc. So, I had a very hard time. It was a phase when I was very afraid for Dimitris. I am saying this very briefly, but you can understand the criticality”.

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    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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