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Christodoulidis / “Friendship Forum”: Vision, stability and dispute resolution

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Christodoulidis /

The need to promote the common vision of synergies that ensure stability and prosperity in the region, as well as the settlement of disputes under international law, was highlighted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulidis, after the completion of the multilateral meeting. Friendship “, which took place in Athens.

In his joint statements with his counterparts from the participating countries, Mr. Christodoulidis noted that the aim of this initiative is to “consolidate conditions of security and cooperation, peace and stability on the basis of a positive approach without exclusions, without restrictions and without zero-sum approaches.” ».

Referring to the issues discussed during the multilateral meeting, the Cypriot Foreign Minister pointed out that the common belief of all the participating countries is “that only through cooperation can the problems and individual conditions of instability be managed, but also made the most of the prospects that exist in our wider region “.

“While the narrative that prevails at the international level for our region is characterized by confrontations, problems and conflicts, the countries of the region, through their cooperation, build a different, alternative narrative, that of synergies, cooperation, the common vision for an area that will prosper, develop, be characterized by stability and resolve any problems and differences on the basis of international law, dialogue, the need for good neighborly relations and certainly away from any approaches reminiscent of other times and they aim to impose solutions, apart from diplomacy and international law “, he added.

“I firmly believe that regional problems and regional challenges require solutions that come first and foremost from the region,” he said, adding that the expanded synergies in the region “are not a zero-sum game nor do they aim to exclude any country.” “On the contrary, they are open to all countries that always want, on the basis of a positive approach, to contribute to the deepening of cooperation and, consequently, peace in our region,” Mr. Christodoulidis underlined.

Finally, referring to the unprecedented crisis of the pandemic, he pointed out that it has highlighted “both the importance of connectivity and the interdependence of countries, while further highlighting the importance of regional cooperation.” “We all agree on the obvious, that no country alone can face the enormous economic, geopolitical and other challenges that lie ahead of us,” the Cypriot Foreign Minister concluded.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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