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Christodoulidis: The European Council Conclusions send a positive message to Turkey

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Χριστοδουλδη στικμασουνσυπ ερσματαΕυωπακομβουλο&sigma ;την Τουρκλα

With the Conclusions of the European Council, a very specific positive message is sent to Turkey, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, said on Thursday night, urging Ankara to seize the opportunity it is given.

In his statements to journalists, attending the event for the awarding of the In Business Awards, and asked to say whether he believes that the European Council Conclusions will put pressure on Ankara to return to the negotiating table, given its reactions so far , the President of the Republic said that “whether Turkey rejects it or not, the connection is there. And it is not a decision of the Republic of Cyprus, it is a decision of 27 EU member states.

According to a statement from the Presidency, the President of the Republic said that “we are not going to get involved in a public confrontation, categories etc. We are interested in the substance. The bottom line is to achieve the goal of resuming talks and within this framework we are working with both the EU and the UN. Mrs. Holgin is also coming in a few days”.

We are working in particular, he said, with Germany, and he added that “there seems to be a willingness to assume a more leading role, it also played a role in the acceptance of Ms. Holgin's appointment by Turkey, and we continue the effort methodically, with targeted actions , with a strategy, we know where we are going, we are not afraid of talks and I hope that such data will be created that will lead us to achieve the goal”.

“Certainly through these statements (from the point of view of Turkey) does not offer anything in the positive direction and that is why I am not going to follow” said the President.

Asked if the Conclusions will be a useful tool in the hands of Ms. Holgin, the President of the Republic replied “of course, it will be the first time that there is this interconnection, it sends a positive message to Turkey, a positive message with the agreement of the Republic of Cyprus, a specific positive message, no generalities, very specific. And I should also tell Turkey to seize this opportunity”.


Source: www.philenews.com

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