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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Christodoulos Protopapas in “P”: “I will be a candidate in the Presidential of '23”

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Christodoulos Protopapas, CEO of HELLAS SAT, announces in today's interview with “P”, his decision to run for the Presidency of the Republic in 2023, as an independent candidate. He states, in fact, that he has already announced this decision to four political leaders and has begun to prepare for the election battle. In the following interview, through our questions, we tried to find out the beliefs and knowledge of a man who wants to claim the presidency of this country.

What are the issues that will determine the post-Covid19 era?

The issues that define the current and the post-Covid 19 era are the lack of hope, insecurity, indignation, frustration and questioning, mainly by the large portion of the Cypriot people who are the underprivileged. If we follow the same voyage, it is certain that in 2025 we will continue to tackle corruption and escalating social inequalities, and widening the gap between the privileged few and the many disadvantaged.

New Model of Economy

How do you see the course of the Economy in our country? What economic model should Cyprus adopt ?

If one studies the announcements of the Public Debt Management Office, one will see that the debt of the General Government has increased from 18 billion in 2013 and 100% of GDP, to 24.8 billion in 2021 and 140% of GDP. This proves that the state machine continues to waste more money than it receives. With Cyprus being a nursery for young scientists, the development model must turn towards quality all-year tourism, primary agricultural production, technological upgrading of agriculture and animal husbandry, organic farming, establishment in Cyprus, in collaboration with scientific centers abroad, Centers of Excellence for various specialties: Medicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Electricity and electrical production from Renewable Energy Sources and Environment. There are many Cypriot scientists and technology companies abroad, who can settle in Cyprus and highlight our country as the cradle of these technologies, as long as there is no corruption, there is equality for all citizens and there are no obstacles from government services. during the implementation phase of these projects.


Is there a more serious issue of corruption in Cyprus than in other European countries?

Unfortunately, in recent decades Cyprus is considered a money launderer and with the latest revelations of “golden passports”, Cyprus is considered a country that is at the top of corruption worldwide. Yes, the problem of corruption in Cyprus is much more serious than in other European countries and corruption is rightly described as the third Attila, since it is difficult for foreigners to take into account and appreciate a corrupt country. The root of the problem lies in the customer relationship that exists between politicians, banks, businessmen and ordinary citizens, impunity for the dead, the lack of political correctness for politicians, and especially the lack of transparency and equity in the licensing and subsidization processes of various projects. Corruption has divided citizens into two categories: the privileged and the underprivileged, to whom all austerity is exhausted.

Need a vision

Has not and positively our country? What changes need to be made to fix our crap?

We are an island with an important strategic position and a bridge between three Continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. We have all the potential to play an important geopolitical role, if there is the right political vision. We are a country with the highest percentage of higher education graduates and many worthy young scientists working abroad. If one excludes the real estate market, which had a big boost with the “golden passport” investment program, the other sectors are sick. One only has to go to the First Aid of the hospitals one morning to find out how sick the public health is, to try to ask for a service from a public service to realize how incomplete the operation of the public sector is, to go to the cities to see the the extent of the traffic problem, if he is young to try to find a job to see the starvation wages provided, but also to observe the expensive cars circulating on the roads to see the sharpened social differences that exist since its dissolution middle class. It will also find that there is no policy at all for the primary productive sectors and neither for the promotion of start-ups and centers of innovation and excellence, nor for any environmental policy. The situation can be improved by pursuing a long-term policy with an emphasis on the primary sector and creating the conditions for Cyprus to become a global center of reference, which will be a source of cooperation between European countries and Middle Eastern countries.

ICC Only

Are there still prospects for finding an ICC solution?

The Cyprus problem can not have a different solution from the ICC, because this is the solution proposed and recognized by the international community. In order to be able to proceed with the solution of the Cyprus problem, we must solve the T/Cs from the Turkish chariot, which are fatally tied after the Turkish invasion. Although many actions have been taken by individuals to build a climate of trust between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot parties, nothing systematic has been done at the governmental level in the last 18 years, after the opening of the roadblocks. The solution of the two states, which is supported here and there for purely selfish reasons, essentially permanently delivers the Turkish Cypriots to Turkey and seals the annexation of the occupied territories to Turkey. As the search for support from the European Union has led to complete failure, as most EU countries have large interests in the large Turkish market, we should turn to support and assistance from countries that have the same problems as Turkey, such as the Romans did in the past when they had political thought and strategy. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” they said and that is why we should, after tidying up our house with the fight against corruption, turn to a cleaner person for support and cooperation in countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia , India, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt with which we should have even closer cooperation and restore our relations with Russia. Our foreign policy must not be one-dimensional. After the end of the various ideologies, it is the universal humanitarian values ​​and the economic collaborations and the common interests that unite the peoples. This is, after all, the experience I gained in the 20 years I have been active in many multicultural environments abroad.

My proposal for Famagusta

Are there any actions we can take to save what is left of Famagusta?

Unfortunately, for the last forty years our side has not had any initiative for Famagusta. Famagusta could be a “guide” for the whole solution of the Cyprus problem, because the people of Famagusta love their city and could easily work with the Turkish Cypriots to turn Famagusta into a model city, an intelligent city. “City 3.0” and not Smart City discussed in the past. We could propose the joint development of Famagusta in cooperation with the Turkish Cypriots, with the return of all the inhabitants of the city. There are many sponsors who would give money to make Famagusta a city with zero carbon dioxide emissions, with electrification, with the tourist part, the economic (City), the cultural part within the walls of the old city and the Salamina Theater, with centers of innovation and excellence in all areas and a modern hospital where E/K and T/K will be treated. A similar city, NEOM CITY, is being created on a larger scale in the Red Sea by Saudi Arabia. The city of Famagusta to be governed in the first years by a joint administrative committee with the participation of the United Nations. This is my proposal for a holistic solution for Famagusta, which has not been officially put on the table by us. If the Famagusta experiment succeeds, then a solution to the Cyprus problem will also succeed. Because there may be well-wishers and mock the proposal as uneconomical, I repeat that for such a development of Famagusta there can be many sponsorships from multinational organizations. The Cyprus problem, if solved in the courts and with legal approaches, would have already been solved because on both sides, from 1963 onwards, there were many good lawyers & # 8211; but such problems are solved by building trust and by balanced agreements from which both parties will be satisfied. On the other hand, here and there divisive fanaticism and slogans hide selfishness and lack of arguments on both sides to avoid a fruitful and constructive dialogue.

Are E/K – T/C collaborations/synergies useful before the solution of the Cyprus problem?

Of course, they are useful, when they are done in a systematic way and with state support, on our own initiative, because a climate of trust and sharing is built between the two communities. Such collaborations are more fruitful among young people who do not have the traumatic experiences of the past and could be in innovation with joint ventures, in joint projects such as organic farming, and in livestock technology upgrading, joint promotion and product standardization, joint environmental and cultural activities, joint state orchestra of eastern music, joint sports meetings, but also in the field of space with joint space missions. Especially for the latter, with 3 million dollars we could have in one of the NASA missions to the Moon a small lunar vehicle on which to place joint experiments on the lunar surface by E/K and T/K scientists. These actions can start at various points along the dead zone and extend on both sides. If we do not unite the two communities, how can we demand to accept an agreed solution to the Cyprus problem, when there is a lack of trust between us?

Cyprus needs an honest and hardworking President

Asked to say “what President does Cyprus need today”, Christodoulos Protopapas replied that our country “needs today a President who is first of all honest, determined, strong personality, hardworking, very good in the administration, to listen to the problems of the people and to have contact with the people, to decide based on the good of the majority of the citizens, to understand the social differences and to try to mitigate them, to be affectionate to the weak, to help and promote the young and to be familiar with the technology”. And all this, he added, “in order to be able to bring the changes that the citizens are seeking, leading Cyprus to the post-2030 era”.

Are you interested in the Presidency of the Republic?
I have decided to run as an independent candidate in the 2023 Presidential Elections and I have already announced it to four political leaders and several social actors. I have opened a special bank account for the expenses of the election campaign and I started working with communicators, journalists and other media technicians to promote my candidacy when the time comes.

With the support of which party/Which parties?
I will seek the support of parties that are not currently in government, but also of many young voters and independent social groups that abstained from the last elections. That is why I invite and ask them to start registering in the electoral rolls.

Why do you want to be elected President of the Republic of Cyprus
I want to be elected President so that the people have a different choice and because the powers of the President, which derive from the Constitution, are such that they enable him to make the changes that are urgently demanded by the people today. Will I be able to offer my country the knowledge and experience I have accumulated from my twenty years of activity abroad.

Today in Cyprus there is a possibility of electing a truly independent Presidential candidate? < br />As has been the case since the recent parliamentary elections, what is being sought by the opposition, as well as the other dissident voters, is a truly independent candidate, who has the courage to work with a worthy staff of technocrats of all specialties, for future of Cyprus and our people. I consider that with my decision to run as a candidate in the 2023 Presidential Elections, I am fulfilling my duty towards my Homeland. If this step was not taken by me, I would continue to regret the situation in our country for another five years.

Relations with the Church

What is your relationship with the Church of Cyprus?
My grandfather was a priest in Vasa Koilaniou, also when I was a student in Athens I had the pleasure to meet in person Agios Porphyrios, Agios Paisios and Elder Eumenios the leper. I studied the Radio Station of the Church of Greece and then when I came to Cyprus, I worked in the Archdiocese for ten years as a Technical Advisor in many projects such as the creation of LOGOS, the creation of LOGODIKTY, the digitization of archival material, etc.

Do you have good relations with the Archbishop and hierarchs? Have you exchanged views on the subject of your candidacy? Have they given you their blessing?
“The Caesars of Caesar and the Gods of God”.

Have you been vaccinated?
Before I answer, a general comment. Unfortunately, our political system has managed with the coronavirus to instil so much discord among the Cypriot people and to such an extent that a recent survey showed that we are experiencing a divisive situation worse than in 1972. This has the effect of fanatizing the world and forgetting its many problems. everyday. Let me answer your question now. I have not been vaccinated, because I have been seriously ill with coronavirus and I still have a lot of antibodies. Nevertheless, the Committee of Wise Men of the Ministry of Health, in its absurdity, considers me unvaccinated.

What car are you driving? Logically, her CEO Hellas Sat & # 8230; rocket car.
A car provided to me by the company as part of its business protocol. I do not have a private car, because I promised myself that with the money I would spend on an expensive private car I would create a good collection of rare books in recent years and I think I succeeded.

When Hellas Sat CEO looks at the sky what does he see? What is he thinking?
The vastness of the Universe compared to the small size of our island, shocked by the mystery of Creation.

This is Christodoulos from Pera – Pedi

Christodoulos Protopapas was born in 1961 and lived his first childhood years in the village of Pera Pedi in the province of Limassol. He is a child of a very poor rural family. He graduated with honors (9.73) and was the first in the field of Electricity Systems of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens in 1986. He is one of the first researchers in Greece to work since 1985 with Artificial Intelligence, Experienced Systems and the intelligent control.

Vassiliou, LOGOS, ETEK

In 1988, at the age of 26, he was appointed by the then Minister of Education of the government of George Vassilios, Andreas Filippou, as a Member of the first Special Committee set up to study the establishment of the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation. From 1988 to 1999 he worked in the Archdiocese of Cyprus as a Technical Advisor. From this position, among others, he introduces for the first time in Cyprus the private television as the engineer responsible for the existing design, installation and operation of the Broadcasting Station LOGOS (general manager 1996-1999). In 1992 he was elected to the first General Council of the newly established Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) as one of the 4 representatives of Electrical Engineers, without his participation in any party group of candidates.

Internet and Space

From August 1994 he started to deal systematically with the peaceful uses of space as a Member of the Cyprus Space Committee. In September 1995, he introduced internet technology to Cyprus for the first time, establishing after a political struggle LOGODIKTYO, which was also the first internet service provider in Cyprus, serving from 1995 to 1999 as CEO of this Organization in parallel with his position. General Manager of LOGOS.

20 years Hellas Sat

In July 2001 he founded the company HELLAS SAT Consortium Ltd in Cyprus and since August 2001 he has been the Managing Director of HELLAS SAT, coordinating the construction and launch of the first Greek Cypriot satellite HELLAS SAT 2, which was launched in May. 2003 from Cape Canaveral. In February 2006, it introduces for the first time in Greece and Cyprus the satellite internet service. In 2007 he was elected President of the Association of European Satellite Organizations, while in 2010 he was unanimously re-elected for the second time in the same position. The satellite organizations that make up ESOA operate a total of over 300 telecommunications satellites. In the summer of 2009, in collaboration with the then Minister of Communications of the government, Dimitris Christofias, Nikos Nikolaidis, a total of 146 remote communities in Cyprus were connected via satellite internet. In 2009 he launches the HELLAS SAT Space Center in Kofinou, through which the company's satellites are controlled and navigated. In February 2013, Hellas Sat became a subsidiary of the Intergovernmental Satellite Organization ARABSAT, in which 21 Arab countries, members of the Arab League, participate. Supervised and coordinated the construction and launch of the new HELLAS SAT 3/EAN satellite (June 2017). At the same time, during the same period, he coordinated the work of design, construction and launch of the company's third satellite, HELLAS SAT 4 (February 2019, French Guiana). The above investments (satellites and terrestrial installations) totaling 700 million euros, were made in Cyprus with his own care and actions. As a result of these actions, HELLAS SAT was recognized as one of the largest foreign investments ever made in Cyprus.

Greece, Moon, NASA

From April 2018 until August 2019, in parallel with his duties at HELLAS SAT, he was also the president of the then newly established Hellenic Space Agency (ELDO). He coordinated the work of the Greek mission to the Moon and participated in the International Commission of NASA for the exploration of the Moon and Mars. Under his chairmanship, the ELDO pioneered the establishment of the International Space Climate Observatory, an initiative of French President Manuel Macron, and in collaboration with the French CNES promoted at European level the development of an early warning geostationary warning system. the European territory. He has been a lifelong member of the four-member United Nations Special Committee on Emergency Telecommunications.

Honored in Turkey

Honored by the Turkish Government for his contribution to global sustainable development by planting 20 trees in the MUSIAD Celebrities Park in the Omerli suburb of Istanbul. Since June 2019 he is a member of the Board. of the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) which aims to introduce innovative technologies for shipping, such as the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous and smart ships. He is married to pediatrician Dr. Panagiota Protopapas and is the father of three children.

Source: politis.com.cy

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