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Christoforou for echo with APOEL: “The neutral world knows very well…”

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The spokesman of Anorthosis, Dimitris Christoforou, referred to what was said at the general assembly of KOP, the repercussions after the game with APOEL and the issue of foreign referees in his statements to SPOR FM.

For the General Assembly of KOP: “It was planned a long time ago. It has nothing to do with anything that has happened lately, but it could not be a matter of arbitration. We reiterated our timeless positions, which is that Anorthosis without giving a blank check, supports the Cypriot arbitration. The chances of the championship ending with Cypriot referees must be exhausted. At the moment in the VAR there are strangers and so things will continue. In the process, if all the other teams want foreigners, we will not dogmatically insist on our position “.

About the fact that foreigners are a temporary solution: “This is the reason why we insist that it will not solve our problem. Every year it is set or possible for foreigners to come. The bottom line is that the complaints and the discussion itself do not change. “

Regarding the aftermath of the match with APOEL and whether an attempt was made to calm the spirits: “We have clarified in the last announcement that we will not return. We have nothing to add. Everyone who says and does what he has done over time is there to be judged. The neutral world knows very well what has happened over the decades and what is happening at this stage. We do not think it will offer anything to continue the debate. “

For the game with APOEL: “We got a difficult victory that is of great importance and we got it very well. In the first half APOEL was a bit better, we balanced the game early and we had opportunities before the goal was scored. From there on, the data changed, we increased the speed, we pushed and we won because we were significantly better in the second half “.

Regarding what APOEL accuses Warda: “There are competent bodies. If they judge that something happened we have nothing to say. We talked about some behaviors, but it was not judged that it is a reason for public discussion “.

Regarding the interview of Timur Ketspaia and the goal he set for winning the championship: “He said it in an attempt to do what we have been doing since we entered the groups. The big goal from the beginning was to claim and win the championship. When you enter groups you need to say it because there is a risk of misunderstanding “.

Regarding the reaction of the team when turning the game : “A game against APOEL is never like everything else. This particular one found ours in a dire scoring position. We wanted to change it and it clearly helps in all areas that we have succeeded “.

Regarding the renewal of Artymatas ' contract: “Timur Ketspaia did not refer only to the captain's contract but to everything. These are issues that the administration has in mind and will handle them in due course “.

For the games: “A two-day break was given, tomorrow they will return to work. They took breaths, recharged their batteries and came back calmer. “Abardjumian has a good chance of being in the mission with AEL, for Busuladzic the data is not on his side but there are still several training sessions”.

For the additional camera that will enter the stadiums: “In the game with APOEL we had an additional camera. It was on the opposite side from where the match was televised. I do not know if they mean this camera or something else. “

On the subject of Papoutsou: “We have nothing to do with the man Papoutsos. Property is the issue, when you have it you have to behave according to the weight. His reports were not at the level of the president of the SDK. “The origin of a referee should not matter in order to judge him.”

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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