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Christos Dantes burst out about Triantafyllos: “He's indulgently lazy, let him learn to sing and then we'll talk about the rest”

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    Ξεσπασε ο Χρorστο σηστιντφο νιεισφσοσνθι τργοδμελγια τα πoλοιπα»

    “I can't tolerate people saying about Asimina that she has no morals and dignity”, said among others

    Christos Dantes made statements to the journalists and, among other things, talked about what his partner, Asimina Hatziandreou said about his separationAris Souledis and Maria Antonas. Then the well-known singer broke out against Triantafyllos.

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    “It is Asimina's job to answer. I can't stand people saying about Asimina that she has no morals and dignity since when she was in Survivor, these people cursed her obscenely and said that she is fake crying. As if there is a barometer and proof in crying and how many drops of tears it will produce. So, when you are indecent and you have cursed a person who is inside, I think you are at least false” Christos Dantes first stated and then added:

    “The Rose to deal a little with the notes he sings and does not express them correctly. It is indulgently false. To deal with them first, to learn to sing and then we can talk about the rest”.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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