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Christos Mastoras: He will play Stelios Kazantzidis in the film about his life

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    Χρorστος Μàστορα ς: Θα υποδυθεΙ τον Στελιο Καζαντ ζλδη στην ταινλα για τη ζωor του

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    The life of the leading Stelios Kazantzidis is soon to be seen in cinemas, 23 years later his death.

    This exclusive news was made known by Thanos Vagios through “Proino”, revealing in fact that Christos Mastoras will be the one who will embody the popular performer at a young age.< /strong>

    As he mentioned, this is a big production,which will be released in two parts. In fact, the contributors requested the rights from the widow of Stelios Kazantzidis, Vaso Kazantzidis, who gave them to them.

    Talking to the last wife of Stelios Kazantzidis, among other things, said that she is happy that this will happen, while filming will start in the spring.

    Vasso Kazantzidi said, among other things: “It's a fact, it's true!First of all, the filming will start in the spring! It's planned, the whole thing has gone ahead… It wasn't the first time I've been approached. An idea has matured and it was the wish of Stelios, the years pass, now that I am alive let it be his wish. He wanted it, he wanted it very much… He had said “I want my life, I want it to be a movie”. From various conversations we had from time to time with Stelios, the most important events in his life, his path, that will be, from his childhood! They sent us the script, we read it, corrected it, removed it, added it… Everything is finished.”

    Then he added: “It was what I expected, a serious and it's done so now it's completed and so if Stelios sees us from above I believe he's happy because what he wanted is happening… I will definitely go to the filming, definitely because filming will also take place in Agios Kostantinos. Stelios spent his best years there. It was a piece that he loved.”

    When asked about Christos Mastoras, Vaso Kazantzidis said: “A new kid! I am sincerely glad! But I don't know because we haven't discussed it… At some point they will inform me and his brother Stathis who the actors will be.”

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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