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Church and municipalities offer help to vulnerable groups ahead of Easter

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    Financial assistance in the form of vouchers for the supply of necessary food is offered to economically vulnerable groups

    Easter packages with food and necessitiesbut also financial assistance in the form of vouchers for the supply of necessary food is offered to financially vulnerable groups and families by the church, municipalities and other bodies, in view of the Easter holidays, in all the provinces of free Cyprus.

    A total of 85 families in Metropolitan Region of Constantia – Famagusta, received financial assistance in the form of vouchers to procure the necessary food needed for the Easter celebrations.

    As Tasos Spyrou, Head of the Financial Department of the Diocese of Constantia – Famagusta, told KYPE, “in collaboration with the Coordinating Committee of the Christian Associations and parishes of the Diocese, food packages and financial assistance are offered for the Easter holidays, in approx. 85 families of the Metropolitan Region. The Diocese provides financial assistance of 300 euros for Easter to around 50 needy students, while ten scholarships were also given“.

    He added that “help is also given to our fellow human beings in need from the Christian Associations of the parishes and also the parishes of the Metropolitan Region themselves. Statistics show that the financial assistance provided by the Diocese, Christian associations and parishes to needy families amounts to 35-40 thousand euros during the Easter period”.

    At the same time, George Gerasimos , manager of the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Larnakareported to KYPE that “in the framework of its Social Solidarity, the Municipality of Larnaca will once again this year proceed with the established distribution of food for the Easter period, to the eligible Grocery card holders”.

    He added that the distribution will be tomorrow, Good Friday, May 3, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the Municipality's Multipurpose Social Welfare and Employment Center, on Faneromenis Avenue, where the Social Grocery Store is currently housed.

    He said that “in total 61 families approved,and are holders of a Social Grocery card, they will receive the Easter package again this year, which is considered rich since it contains food and other necessities. However, due to the Easter holidays, it is expected that people who are not holders of the Social Grocery card will also come tomorrow, who will also be given an Easter package”.

    In addition, in a statement, the Multi-Dynamic Municipal Center of Strovolos and the Municipality of Strovolos state that they delivered packages of love to 240 families, ahead of the Easter celebration. As reported, the special packages for the Easter table were given to the families who receive support on a monthly basis, as part of a special program of the Versatile Municipal Center.

    It is noted that Easter gifts were also given to approximately 800 children< /strong> who participate in the program of the Child Protection and Employment Centers of the Versatile Municipal Center (kids' clubs).

    Also, in today's announcement, the Social Welfare Committee of Athienou states that donations to the Mayor of Athienou Kyriakos Kareklas, as President of the Social Welfare Committee, from individuals and companies of the Municipality, to be used for the relief of individuals, continue and families in need during these holy days of Easter continue.

    It is noted that Athienitis visited the Mayor of Athienou and offered cards with food stamps to be given to families in the Municipality in need, totaling €2,000. At the same time, individuals and companies in the area of ​​the Municipality offered various products to be used to relieve individuals and families in need, such as dairy products and meat.

    Also, it is reported that the Holy Metropolis of Trimythoundos /strong> offered vouchers for the purchase of meat from butchers of the Municipality of Athienou, while a quantity of juice, bottled water and flour was received through the Provincial Volunteer Coordinating Council.


    Source: cyprustimes.com

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