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Circuit of issuing “work permits” for money in the occupied territories

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Network that opens the door to human trafficking operates in the “labor ministry”, according to an audio document, and brings people to work in the occupied “advance work permits” through the “contractor association”.

According to the GTP, the electronic newspaper Bougyun Kypris on its front page yesterday mentions that in the audio recording, the handlers O.Ç. and A.Ö. they bargain for the “preliminary permission” of 15 people, while a third person, who has learned Turkish, who wants to bring people to the island, is with O.Ç. and listens to the conversation over loudspeaker and joins it in the next few minutes. A.Ö. he is asking for a passport and 500 euros per person to arrange the documents within two weeks and says another 500 euros should be paid after the work is done, noting that this is his working system.

O.Ç., who was the intermediary for issuing the permits, says he can give 5,000 euros to A.Ö., who asked for 7,500 euros the day after the conversation. A.Ö. he emphasized that they had to bring the money by 12 noon because he had people to distribute the money and said: “Today I distributed 170,000 TL. I will submit the documents and they will approve them within two weeks. I feed them all accordingly, I give each one's money accordingly”.

O.Ç., who stated that he saw the bribe money, said that he promised to deliver the money by 12 noon and gave the phone to the third person. The third person, saying that the money is ready, asks for guarantees for the documents. A.Ö. he intimidates him by saying that the pre-permits will stop soon and it will rise to 2,500 euros per person, while he claims that he is already giving him a discount on the regular price, because of O.Ç.

Bougyoun Kypris returns to the issue today and writes that the “minister of labor” filed a lawsuit with the “police directorate”, based on what they saw in the public light, as a result of which an investigation was launched into the matter, while commenting that the fate is unknown of people, who come to the occupied territories under the guise of working in the construction sector, after the expiry of the “preliminary permit”.

Kypris Postasi website also refers today to statements by the president of the “T/K Building Contractors Association (KTİMB)” Jafer Gurjafer, who held a press conference to answer the accusations of “trafficking in human beings”. Claiming that there are 5-10 thousand people who bring people to the occupied territories and get a commission, he said that many companies use the illegal process as there is a serious need for manpower.

However, citing that some companies do not meet the humanitarian conditions and then gangs of people-trafficking groups come into play, smuggling people to the “south” with big promises, Mr. Gurjafer argued that 90% of people in migrant reception centers in the Republic of Cyprus “come from universities”.

“Let's fix the law in a month. While we are making the law, let's not bring in workers from third countries for a month,” he suggested.

Meanwhile, two migrant smugglers were arrested in Turkey, who transported occupied Kingdom of Kyrenia 35 irregular immigrants. The five children aged 2-9, the four women and the 26 men aged 15-50 were arrested and brought before a “court” on the charge of attempting to illegally enter the occupied territories from an unauthorized port.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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