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City Councilors are calling for the resignation of Mayor Sotiras for SunCity

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City Councilors are calling for the resignation of Mayor Sotiras for SunCity

The Municipal Team of DIKO in the Municipality of Sotiras, requests the resignation of the Mayor of Sotiras George Takkas for incomplete information as supported by the Municipal Council in relation to the construction of the Suncity Hotel in the coastal area of Agia Thekla. The municipal team of DIKO also calls on the Auditor General to intervene in order to check all the files related to the construction of this hotel.

The Municipal Councilors of DIKO accuse the Mayor of hiding from the Municipal Council a letter of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing dated October 15, 2018, which, as they claim, Mr. Takkas had in his possession and never presented at the time of the decision by of the Council. In this letter, it is recorded that the Department of Urban Planning does not approve further exceeding the number of floors (2 in number) as requested by the construction company. At the same time, the Planning Authority requested that new development plans be submitted which do not include the addition of the two floors within a month.

The municipal councilors of DIKO claim with letters sent to the Municipality, that in no case this letter was discussed in the Council and no modified plans have been presented to them. Contrary to a series of Meetings as they claim in the same letter, the Mayor assured that everything is fine based on the permit.

For his part, Mr. Takkas as well as the competent service of the Municipality maintain the view and position which has been transmitted to the Municipal Council, that the construction company a week after the letter in question had moved to the competent state services seeking permission by way of derogation for these floors, therefore whatever is mentioned in the letter in question, as he claims, would not be valid as they would be replaced by the new decision on the issue (which as recent developments show is again negative). However, the services of the Municipality assure the Municipal Council that the file kept by the Municipality on this issue is fully informed and there is nothing wrong with it.

As we are able to know, other municipal councilors of the Municipality are annoyed about the way the whole case is handled, with the climate getting worse after the recent publications of the newspaper “Phileleftheros” which brought the issue to the surface in the previous days. Suncity Hotel is a company directly affiliated with the former Member of Parliament for AKEL in the province of Famagusta Christakis Tziovanis.

Source: politis.com.cy

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