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Civil Defense advisories for heavy rainfall

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The Civil Defense Force, following an announcement by the Meteorological Department, regarding isolated severe thunderstorms that are expected to affect areas, mainly in mountains and in the interior, makes recommendations to the public, with the aim of prevention and proper preparation to minimize risks and negative consequences.

Citizens are urged to make sure that the wells outside their home or workplace are not blocked and that the gutters on their property are working properly.

If someone has a basement in a vulnerable area with a risk of flooding, proceed to excavate a special water accumulation pit and install an automatic water pump.

If someone lives in a plot with a yard, they should – where possible – leave free soil for the earth to absorb water and fix objects that may be carried away by the water and move (e.g. tanks, water heaters, etc. ).

During the flood, if the public is inside a building to leave underground areas and move to safe high ground.

If the public is in an open area, they are invited to cross a flooded road on foot or by car/bicycle/motorcycle.

The public is invited stay away from areas that have flooded or are at risk of flooding in the next few hours.

In the event of tornadoes, the public is asked to remove items from the yard that can to be moved by the tornado and secure those that are not secured.

Close the doors and windows, but leave the interior glass shutters open, for quick leveling of internal and external atmospheric pressure.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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