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Civil war at DISY for passports

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Civil war at DISY for passports

The scandalous abuse of a program that was implemented aron-aron to give life to the faltering economy, immediately after the 2013 haircut, caused public confrontations yesterday – without even the proper restraint – between two former senior government officials, which for five years were essentially co-responsible for granting exceptional naturalizations to thousands of foreign investors.

The verbal sabotage of the former Minister of Interior Socrates Hasikos and the former Minister of Finance Haris Georgiadis, through their posts on twitter, reveals the irritation and anxiety that prevail in the government camp and in DISY, whose leadership is perceived by the people whose and ongoing naturalization research. And the last thing he would like is the outbreak of a civil war between top executives who were involved in the KEP.


From Hasikos '”re”, to Georgiadis Haris ' “Dagrafo” to Hasiko: Despite making the “dude” from Twitter

The beginning of yesterday's controversy, which left an alginate impression on thousands of citizens, was made by Mr. Hasikos, in a – rather expected – reaction to what Mr. Haris Georgiadis said and especially implied before the Investigative Committee, about his responsibilities Mr. Hasikou and the Ministry of Interior for the weaknesses and dysfunctions of the naturalization program. We remind you that Mr. Georgiadis essentially credited Konstantinos Petridis with the first steps to identify and fill the gaps in the KEP and when asked why these weaknesses were not covered earlier, he said that this was the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior (under Hasik's ministry). ).

Mr. Hasikos, speaking to “F”, said that no application for exceptional naturalization could be approved by the Ministry of Finance without the consent of the Ministry of Finance (for the financial criteria), the Police, Interpol, MOKAS or other state services. We were negotiators, he said, while expressing strong dissatisfaction with what Mr. Georgiadis said about the naturalization of Malaysian Joe Lowe, reiterating that when his application was approved, he was not wanted anywhere. He acknowledged, however, that mistakes had been made by the government – and by him – and that corrections had to be made much earlier, but stressed that this was not his sole responsibility, as the program was a government policy.


Source: www.philenews.com

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