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Civil War in the Shooting Federation – Even the Turkish shooting athletes were to blame

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Civil War in the Shooting Federation - Even the Turkish shooting athletes were to blame

An unprecedented attack against the new federal coach Antonis Nikolaidis and the assistant federal coach Antonis Andreou in the sport of SKEET was launched by the Limassol Shooting Organization, making accusations aimed at The current leadership of the Cyprus Shooting Federation (SKOK) is affected by the decisions it has taken in relation to the 2022 training model.

According to information from politis.com.cy , the problem started when the leadership of the Shooting Federation of Cyprus (SKOK) decided to resolve the issue with the double-seater Michalis Katzianis, who also held the position of Technical Advisor B and coach. Decision taken following relevant instructions of the Cyprus Sports Organization (CMO) for the implementation of the Code of Good Governance.

Civil War in the Shooting Federation - Even the Turkish shooting athletes were to blame

This was followed by a meeting of the 18-member board of directors of SKOK, where the president of the federation put to a vote the 2022 coaching model, with a suggestion for hiring a federal coach and assistant coach. Nine members voted in favor and the other nine against. Finally, the proposal passed with the winning vote of the president of the federation, a fact that provoked the strong reaction of some of the provincial shooting organizations, which left and have not participated in SKOK meetings since.

Now only the Larnaca, Paphos and Kyrenia Shooting Organizations participate in the meetings of SKOK and the federation is forced to act according to the law of necessity, following a legal opinion it received after the decision of the other provincial organizations not to take part in the proceedings. These are the Shooting Organizations of Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta and Free Famagusta (Paralimni), which are in favor of the return of Michalis Katzianis to the position of coach.

In fact, the Limassol Shooting Organization, in a letter to the media, SKOK, the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Attorney General, dated 07/02/22, made specific complaints, claiming that the new federal coach, Mr. Antonis Nikolaidis Level A diploma from the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), as provided for in the vacancy announcement.

Of course, Mr. Nikolaidis, in his statements to politis.com.cy, stated that he holds an ISSF level PRO diploma, claiming that it is of a higher level than the A. Diploma. As he explained, the International Shooting Federation decided that PRO level diplomas will be awarded coaches depending on the performance of their athletes in international competitions. “The PRO diploma,” he added, “is awarded by the international federation to coaches whose athletes receive a medal at a world championship or Olympic Games.”

Civil War in the Shooting Federation - Even the Turkish shooting athletes were to blame

Three new diplomas

However, our research on the ISSF official website for coach training issues came to some findings.

In particular, the ISSF states that as part of the educational reform, three new categories have been introduced, with the aim of honoring great coaches who have trained athletes who have excelled or won medals in international competitions. These are the ISSF Coach Pro, ISSF Coach and ISSF National Coach diplomas.

He further clarified that the ISSF Coach Pro diploma will also be awarded to all coaches holding an A diploma and the ISSF Coach diploma will be awarded to all coaches holding a B diploma. The ISSF National Coach diploma will be awarded to coaches holding a C.

In essence, SKOK hired a federal coach with a diploma that the international federation awards to coaches who hold an A diploma, as provided in the announcement of the position. So if SKOK's decision to hire a federal coach with an ISSF Coach Pro diploma is wrong, this will be judged by the competent courts in case of an appeal.

Nevertheless, the Limassol Shooting Organization carried out an unprecedented personal attack against Mr. Nikolaidis, with accusations concerning cases of 2000!

Civil War in the Shooting Federation - Even the Turkish shooting athletes were to blame

Turkish Cypriot athletes in the spotlight

The attempt of the Limassol Shooting Organization to demonize the new assistant coach Antonis Andreou, mobilizing the Greek Cypriot nationalism, also causes an alginate impression. In fact, he targeted all Turkish Cypriot shooting athletes. Specifically, he states that the Turkish Cypriot athletes, including Burak Bilge and Mehmet Sabanci, with the assistance and help of Mr. Antonis Andreou, are illegal because they participate in both the illegal championship of the “Cyprus Turkish Shooting Sport Federation” and the Cypriot official championship of the Shooting Federation of Cyprus while enjoying sponsorships from SKOK. These Turkish Cypriot athletes are trained both in the legal shooting ranges of the Republic of Cyprus, if the matches that will be held during this period belong to SKOK, but also in the shooting ranges of the pseudo-state, if the matches to be held are organized by the illegal federation “Cyprus Turkish Shooting” Sport Federation ”».

Asked to comment on the allegations made in his letter as secretary general. of the Limassol Shooting Organization, Mr. Kyriakos Fyrillas stated to politis.com.cy that they have no problem with the participation of the Turkish Cypriots in the SKOK championships. “However,” he noted, “it should be clarified whether they can take part in the championships of the Cyprus Shooting Federation and the illegal Turkish Cypriot federation. “Because that's the fault.” He continued that “in our opinion, a Turkish Cypriot should not come to the territories controlled by the Republic of Cyprus to play in the SKOK championships and at the same time go with another identity to play in the so-called Turkish Cypriot federation”.

Mr. Fyrillas, who is an officer of the National Guard and signs the letter of the Limassol Shooting Organization in the capacity of general secretary, wondered whether it is “indirect recognition of the pseudo-state the participation in the games conducted by the so-called Turkish Peninsula”. Asked whether there is any rule that is violated or whether the position of the Cyprus Shooting Federation is ideological, Mr. Firillas answered that each association can register as a member of the Cyprus Shooting Federation. “So”, he continued, “every Turkish Cypriot union can come and register legally in the Shooting Federation of Cyprus and we will have no problem receiving grants.”


Politicization of shooting

Regarding the complaints against the assistant coach Antonis Andreou, Mr. Fyrillas claimed that he participates in the championships of the T / C federation and trains T / C athletes in the shooting ranges of the occupied areas. He even rejected the argument that such allegations politicize the sport of shooting, saying that the Limassol Shooting Organization did not object to any SKOK match in which T / C athletes participated. While he turned his fire on Mr. Andreou, claiming that by participating as a coach in matches held in the occupied territories, he recognizes the pseudo-state.

Mr. Fyrillas insisted that Antonis Andreou recognizes the pseudo-state even when we pointed out to him that states are recognized only by other states and not by citizens.

Asked if for this reason they are requesting his removal from the position of assistant coach, Mr. Firillas said that the problem concerns the qualifications mentioned in the announcement of the position. However, he reiterated the accusations against Mr. Andreou, saying that “the second part of the complaint, which has nothing to do with coaching but concerns the behavior of someone with a high position between the shooting family and a KOA employee to participate in matches organized by his body. pseudo-state, the Turkish Cypriot federation “.

Asked whether, based on the reasoning and the positions of the Limassol Shooting Organization, the Turkish Cypriot athletes who are members of Turkish Cypriot clubs and participate in the championships of the Turkish Cypriot federation should be excluded, Mr. Firillas answered that it is shifting. Besides, as he said, the two T / Cs do not participate in the restoration plan of the CMO and do not receive a salary. “Yes”, he added, “it would be our pleasure if the two T / Cs did not participate in the illegal championship but the fact that they are T / Cs and live in the occupied territories does not create a problem in the Republic of Cyprus. Mr. Andreou creates a problem in KD “. He also rejected the targeting, arguing that “we are hurting Mr. Andreos' behavior.”

What Antonis Andreou says

Politis.com.cy contacted the new assistant coach of SKOK, Antonis Andreou, asking them some questions regarding the complaints of the Limassol Shooting Organization against him.

Mr. Andreou stated that the two Turkish Cypriot athletes mentioned in the letter of the Limassol Shooting Organization “are members of SKOK and are taking part in the championship of the Republic of Cyprus. One of the two of us has been family friends for many years. Therefore, I advise this athlete on a non-profit basis and his friend also comes for training “. Continuing, he claimed that he visited a shooting range in the occupied areas 2-3 times to meet Mehmet Sabanci and does not understand why certain factors are muddying against them. He added that Mehmet Sabanci has been a member of SKOK for about 5 years.

He even denied the accusations of the Limassol Shooting Organization that he participates in events of the Turkish Cypriot federation, saying that he has nothing to do with the sports organizations of the occupied territories. “32 years in shooting”, he stressed, “I have offered so much to the federation and they come to slander my name because it was not done for someone else.” “They have it with the federation and they break out on me and some other people.”

Mr. Andreou also mentioned that last year there were four coaches, as this year. “Simply,” he said, “Michalis Katzianis left because he could not hold the position of Technical Advisor B. The federation asked Mr. Katzianis to choose between the two positions.” Some parents of athletes, as he said, ask to have a coach Mr. Katzianis but this is not a problem that I can solve.

Unpaid coaches

The president of SKOK, Mr. Tzovanis Savvidis, stated to politis.com.cy that the hiring of Mr. Nikolaidis and Mr. Andreos does not provide a salary other than travel expenses. Both coaches are paid by the CMO based on the vocational rehabilitation plan implemented for athletes with international distinctions such as world and Olympic.

Regarding the participation of Turkish Cypriot shooting athletes in SKOK, Mr. Savvidis stated that 6 to 7 snipers from the Turkish Cypriot community are participating, while pointing out the fact that the champion of the trap this year was the sniper Nihat Akterzi, who is T / C and member of the Famagusta Shooting Organization.

It is noted that Antonis Nikolaidis has distinguished himself in international competitions and is the 4th Olympian in the Beijing Games in 2008, while Antonis Andreou is an Olympian in the 8th place in Sydney in 2008, won four gold medals in pan-European competitions, world cup and 125 world / 125 in Beijing in 2011.

Andreas Michailidis: We encourage the participation of Turkish athletes

Civil War in the Shooting Federation - Even the Turkish shooting athletes were to blame

Politis.com.cy also contacted the president of the Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA), Mr. Andreas Michailidis, who stated that the organization has not received the letter from the Limassol Shooting Organization and can not comment. “We will make an official announcement when we receive information,” he said.

Regarding the participation of the Turkish Cypriots in the federations of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Michailidis stated that “we encourage this thing, I just need to read the letter before expressing an opinion on the issue”. However, he confirmed the fact that the CMO calls on the federations to prevent duplicity and to apply the Code of Good Governance.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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