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Clarifications of PASYDY for the benefits provided to the State

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Not only has there not been any negative development, but from January 1, 2023 drastic and substantial improvements are expected, says in a statement

Διευκρινσεισ ΠΑΣΥΔΥ για τα παρεχoμενα επιδo&mu ατα στο Δημoσιο

Not only has there not been any negative development, but from January 1, 2023, drastic and substantial improvements are expected compared to the situation in 2022, PASYDY points out in its announcement regarding the matter of benefits to the State.

On the occasion, as mentioned, of recent publications and inaccurate information on the subject of the allowances provided in the state sector, PASYDY is making a series of clarifications, explaining with regard to the abolition of allowances that the abolition of the specific 15 allowances provided for in various laws and provisions, it has existed since 2013 and was imposed unilaterally as a result of the measures taken during the period of the state's memorandum of agreement with the Troika.

In relation to the reduction of allowances, PASYDY notes that it is correctly presented in the publications of a section of the press that specific allowances/compensations/financial benefits will be reduced by 5% in 2024. It clarifies, however, that the reduction of specific allowances by 5% is an improvement from the reduction of the 15% that applied during the decade 2013 – 2022 and the reduction of 10% that applied to the same benefits in 2023. At the same time, he points out that the above relief in the reductions of benefits is the result of an agreement between the Government and PASYDY based on which 01.01.2025 there will be an end to the reductions of the specific allowances and their complete restoration to the situation that was valid on 31.12.2012.

In relation to the restoration of the shift allowance and the compensation for overtime work, PASYDY clarifies that as a result of its intensive actions, there is already an agreed framework between the Government and PASYDY, which was also announced by the President of the Republic from the floor of the 60th Congress of PASYDY for gradual restoration and the shift allowance as well as compensation for overtime work.

As PASYDY explains, the first restoration of 50% will be implemented with the 2024 budget and the full restoration will be done with the 2025 budget. “In detail and in the context of the aforementioned agreement, on 01.01.2025 the shift allowance will rise to 28.4%, while the overtime compensation will be calculated for weekdays and Saturdays until 13:00 (midnight for shift or special hours staff) from 1:1.2 to 1:1.5 and for Saturday after 13:00, Sundays and public holidays from 1:1.5 to 1:2, restoring the compensation formulas in the pre-memorandum situation” is noted.

Finally, it is clarified that the percentages presented in the various publications concern the transitional period of 2024 and are improved compared to the percentages of 2023 and of previous years.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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