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Clarifications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Elections in the Diocese of Paphos – “Electoral lists are delivered”

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ΔιευκρινΙσε&iota ;ς ΥΠΕΣ για τις Εκλογες στην Μητ&rho πολη Παφου-«Παραδδονται οι εκ λογικοκατλογοι»

For the nomination of three persons in the Holy Metropolis of Paphos, the Ministry of the Interior informs, which states that for this reason it will proceed to make available elements of the electoral roll to the General Registrar of Elections of the Holy Metropolis of Paphos.

In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior states that “the data will be provided on the basis of the relevant opinion of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, in accordance with the conditions and general principles governing lawful processing, storage, integrity and confidentiality”.

It is proposed at the same time that “the data that will be provided will exclusively concern the registered voters of the Holy Diocese of Paphos, will not include sensitive data and will be absolutely necessary for the conduct of the elections, based on the Charter of the Church of Cyprus. It is clarified that no information will be given of displaced voters or voters who belong to the Turkish Community or a Religious Group or who have a religion other than Christian Orthodox declared in the population record system. Data will also not be given for community voters, with the exception of Greek voters. After the end of the election process, the data that will be given will be destroyed, based on the defined process”.

At the same time, the Ministry of the Interior invites any interested person, who for any reason wishes, such as the details of the electoral roll concerning his person, not to be forwarded to the General Registrar of Elections of the Holy Diocese of Paphos, to send his request under the title “Removal from  the Electoral Rolls for the nomination of three persons in the Holy Metropolis of Paphos” until Wednesday  25.01.2023, at 12:00 p.m.   

Requests should be sent, either to the email address electoralroll@moi.gov.cy, or by fax to the number 22678486, giving the name and the voter's identity card number, in order to enable his identification. Upon the satisfaction of the request, the voter will receive a confirmation message to his e-mail address.

It is clarified, by the Ministry of the Interior, that after the end of the above deadline, no request for non-disclosure of the data, will be processed.

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