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Clean Monday: A day of fasting but also of celebration

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    Κ&alpha ;θαρΑ ΔευτΕρα: ΜΕρα νηστεΙας αλλΑ κ αι γιορτorς

    Faithful to the traditions of Cyprus for the Cutting of the Mouth – The… price for the Clean Monday table

    Cypriots are preparing for a massive outdoor excursion today, Clean Monday, observing the < strong>custom of fasting but also celebration, a day that was named so because Christians were “cleansing” spiritually and physically. It is a fasting day but it is also a holiday for Christians and is celebrated 48 days before Easter Sunday.

    • Clean Monday… with an umbrella instead of a kite – Yellow Warning for storms and hail

    Clean Monday for most means a trip to the fields for to “cut the Lent mutt“, in the mountains, even by the sea, means games, but also fragrant pretzels, molluscs and other delicacies.

    It is accompanied by various customs , sometimes from dance and song, but one stands out, flying the kite. Sometimes improvised, mostly factory. In order for the kite to be lifted, a favorable wind is needed, although in some areas, adjacent to Larnaca airport, a recommendation has been issued to avoid it.

    Municipalities and communities in all provinces are organizing various events today, offering food as well. , from beans to laganas, but also wine up to… puff pastry for baking. Most of them accompany the events with dances and music.

    The… price for the Clean Monday table

    The Clean Monday table for all products of the 2024 Basic Goods Retail Price Comparison Table, compared to years 2023 and 2022, according to the main conclusion of the Cyprus Consumers Association, it is cheaper. In vegetables, fruits and halva. If the choice is salads, olives, seafood, tahino pies, laganas and other baked goods, this will be accompanied by an increase. If wine is added, the cost rises.

    In a statement issued by the Association on Thursday, March 14, it noted that vegetable and fruit prices are reduced in 2024 by an average of 20.53% compared to 2023, while halvah prices show a decrease of 7.22%.

    On the contrary, prices for salads, olives and seafood register an increase 2.84%, 3.79% and 1.40%, respectively.

    Bakery and wine prices also increased by 0.49% and 4.48%, respectively, while coal prices showed an average decrease of 6.46%.

    The prices listed were taken from the Link , from the seasonal price observatories of the Department of Energy's Consumer Protection Agency.

    The weather

    Dust and cloudy. That's how the day started, but during the midday hours and beyond, according to the Department of Meteorology, the weather will not be kind to the outdoorsmen. Local rains are expected, but also individual storms, especially in the mountains and in the eastern half of the island. In a storm, hail may also fall.

    Winds will be mainly northwest to northeast and locally south, southwest, light to moderate and transient moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will generally be a bit rough. The temperature will rise to around 21 degrees in the interior and on the coasts and to 9 degrees in the higher mountains.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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