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“Cleansing… I will make my trial go beyond” said Petridis for the second round

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First placement of Minister of Finance after DISY Politburo – Post on twitter with his own messages

Marathons sessionhad yesterday the political bureau of DISY, which after a long and stormy session ended in the decision to proceed with a vote of conscience in the second round of the Presidential Elections, with the party exercising a responsible and constructive opposition against whatever Government is formed.

As expected, the first reactions, comments and positions from the members of the party began with the first light of day today.

The Minister of Finance, Konstantinos Petridis, spoke for purification, self-criticism and reconstruction of DISY, through his post on twitter.

“After the elections: DISY will be an honest, correct , official opposition No transaction/participation in power Self-criticism, purification & reconstruction of the DISY, the Alarmists freely decide the 2nd round. I will make my trial go beyond,” the Minister characteristically wrote.

See his post:


“I am glad to see the unity today. Unity in the Democratic Alarm. And the module has a name. “NOT TO THE DISTRICT.” And I am particularly happy because until yesterday other methods were also being used by some of the people present in this room. Looks like the messages came through. And before the open collective bodies today unity has prevailed.

I'm really happy. Because coming here I thought there was going to be a big battle. A battle, in which we would be asked to decide whether the faction founded by Glaucus Clerides:

  • Will continue to lead or will be led!
  • Will continue to lead or will be led
  • Will it remain a Clerical party or will it become an adventurist party

Whether the party will move from the role of leader to the role of regulator. And for me the answer is CLEAR.

The Democratic Alarm was not, is not, and should not become a party regulator strong>. Or an opportunistic piece whose existence depends on its participation in power so that some can enjoy its temporary spoils. Let us leave this role to those who know how to do it best, and whose role of existence depends on it.

And because much is said about party unity, nor will it be secured in this way. Because this is not how we were resurrected in DISY. It is not for this reason that our parents fought battles and were subject to persecution in the stone years.

On the contrary! The proud world of the Democratic Alarm rightly feels insulted and outraged by the attempt to split the party, by the violation of its constitution by adventurism. And the pure world of the Democratic Alarm will punish the party from a possible derailment from the basic principles of its founding and historical course.

We have lost percentages as a party in recent years, from pure voters, who have chosen to abstain, possibly out of frustration at any mistakes we have made, or who have taken some of our moves as a departure from our core principles. Despite the indisputable and great achievements of recent years. It is to them that we must address and repatriate if we want to make the faction giant again, and not to those who left the faction because they wanted to serve their own interests, due to personal ambitions, or because we did not satisfy them with their bribery. They too attached themselves to Nikos Christodoulidis and his mess. We will not privatize DISY.

We are the great liberal faction. In the Elections we put our proposal before the people. Through our processes, through the President of our party. Rejected. The voters put us in opposition.


And it should be in my opinion and the CLEAR decision of the Politburo. A decision that must be accompanied by a commitment of the non-participation of party officials in the new Government, whoever it may be.

An HONEST – OFFICIAL COUNTERCULTURE. ASIGNIFICANT and not leveling like the one we have experienced in recent years. An opposition that undoubtedly the country will need. An opposition that possibly that the Democratic Alarm itself is in need after 10 difficult years in power and the deterioration of power.

And since some things were also said about the economy, I want to say the following: I speak not as the Minister of Finance but as the oldest member of this government who lived from the first moment together with the President the modern economic history of the country from the haircut until today. The group of parties supporting Nikos Christodoulidis are no less dangerous. While undoubtedly in the Cyprus issue our positions are much closer than the reactionary and extreme approaches of the parties of the so-called center.

From then on the people of the Democratic Alarm will vote freely. We don't need to tell him who to vote for, or to vote “according to conscience” or “according to will”. The people of Democratic Alert are neither lambs nor led. They always vote with their will and conscience. That is why they are Alarmists. They are free people and they decide freely.

I wouldn't mind, my dear Phaedo, to do my best for the grand coalition for the benefit of the country. But I don't think that AKEL is ready.

And at the ballot box, they will make their own decisions and their own excesses for the best:

Based on the Cypriot and the school of patriotic realism of Glaukos Clerides.

Based on stability in the economy.

Based on honesty and sincere intentions.

I am ready and will make my own breakthrough.

This is my CLEAR position, proud Alarmists. A decision of dignity and Alarming pride. But also a decision that will give us the opportunity to see our house as well. To do our self-criticism, to regroup and be reborn also as a party, as representatives of the great liberal faction”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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