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Clear positions from the Ministry. The trade unions of the EAC are calling for action

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They are looking for positions that will put “a brake on the decline of the electricity sector”

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The Minister of Energy, the Minister of Finance with the mediation of the Minister of Labor, will meet on Friday with the trade unions

The trade unions in the EAC called on the Minister of Energy to come to tomorrow's meeting with the unions “with clear positions and positions, which will put a brake on the decline of the electricity sector”, noting that otherwise “she will have to assume her responsibilities for what will follow the next day”.

The Minister of Energy, the Minister of Finance, with the mediation of the Minister of Labour, will meet on Friday with the trade unions, to discuss the problems that they complain of regarding the challenges faced by the EAC and are mainly related to staffing issues and to its participation in the renewable energy market.

On the occasion of publications by the newspaper “O Phileleftheros”, according to which officials who handle the serious issues of energy, “such as the Officer of the Ministry of Energy and the President of CERA, appear to have been unaware of the serious technical data concerning the sector of electricity in the place”.

“Unfortunately these are the people who should have made serious decisions about the energy in the place and it appears that, to say the least, they lack such ability and in in any case, their actions do not serve the public interest”, the unions argue in their announcement, characterizing their entire attitude as “destructive for the place”.

As they state “because we are in a very difficult period and the hours we spend on energy are dramatic with serious cost implications for citizens, the economy and the well-being of the country, it is unacceptable for us to handle such serious issues with people with such attitudes” .

They also note that “it would be good for the Minister of Energy to be informed by the official, who cut the positions of the supplementary budget of the EAC, which prevents the EAC from operating to APE demanding the deactivation of contractual production (i.e. Dekelia) and about what he implies when he spreads, in an official meeting, that you will see what will happen to EAC Networks after the elections!”

Concluding, the guilds note that the Board of Directors is called. of the EAC to rise to the occasion and to support and implement its decisions and that it would be good if the President of the Republic was also informed about who is undermining the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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