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Clip News has created new A.I. for Media Analysis services

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< p>Η Clip News δημιοyργησ ε νΕα εργαλεΙα A.I. για τις υπηρεσΙες Media Analysis

Clip News, the company with which the Cyprus Publishers Association cooperates for the de-editing of its newspapers, a company with over 30 years of experience in the De-editing and Media Analysis industry, proudly announces the creation of its own artificial intelligence tools (A.I. ) for media data analysis based on Greek language models, an innovation that happens for the first time in Greece and Cyprus.

This was achieved through the company's collaboration with the Effyon Laboratory Systems of the IT department (IS Lab) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the project entitled: “Intelligent Analysis of Media Text Data”.

What came out of the collaboration

Clip News Media Analysis services move into a new era, since through these tools will be achieved high accuracy rates forecasts (Prediction) as to the tenor (sentiment) of the data collected from all Media -online & offline-, while emotions are now also recognized, hate speech speech and irony.

In addition, through the new A.I. tools is available tagging (definition of tags) for each report, but also clustering (grouping data ), since the algorithm now understands the content of each report collected on its platform, the renewed Clip News Portal.

It is particularly important that there is realtimeresponseof the system, with automatic information extraction, while data processing is continuous.

The process & those involved

The training of the algorithm system required the collection and processing of hundreds thousands of publications from various sources, a process undertaken by Clip's specialized analysts News. “It was necessary to process a large amount of data retrieved from our database as well as from onlinesources. Our analysts have manually one-by-one evaluated the publications in order to deliver them to the IS team Lab. Through the intelligent tools created, we are now able to enhance our data analysis keeping up with technological developments while giving back to the communityA.I. language models of large texts in the Greek language. I am extremely happy since the result vindicates us and I thank everyone involved in the project for the perfect cooperation”, underlines CTO of Clip News, Aspasia Nassiou.< /p>

At the same time, the president and CEO of Clip News, Theofilos Argyriadis, states: “We are excited to achieve all this with the IS Lab of AUTH, in an effort that started early of 2022, well before a launch of A.I takes place. tools –

especially in the last year- thanks to ChatGPT, Bard em> and other platforms of global giants. It is a truly pioneering project that enables us to edit immediately large numbers of data evolving further the Media Analysis, but also providing to the research community A< /em>.I. open source tools in the Greek language”.

It is worth underlining that this research program resulted in the publication of corresponding scientific articles by the IS Lab team of Aristotle University. As the Professor of Informatics of AUTH, Ioannis Vlachavas, director of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the Department of Informatics (IS Lab) and Ph.D. Dimitrios Zaikis: “What we developed are essentially Machine Learning algorithms for the automatic analysis of publications. The tools aim to provide information to Clip News subscribers, in real time , around the emotional sign of the publications concerning them and the trend that is formed. The research led to new innovative applications and publications in the field of informatics and natural language processing.

This funded action is part of the NSRF, specifically the “Investments Innovation Plans” of the Operational Program “Central Macedonia 2014-2020”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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