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Close to achieving the goal of hiring 1,450 unemployed

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Close to achieving the goal of hiring 1,450 unemployed

There is great interest in hiring the unemployed in the Cypriot labor market as by January 17, 1,319 applications for hiring the unemployed had been submitted, through the five different incentive plans for hiring the unemployed run by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, indicating that target for 1,450 unemployed.

At the same time, in addition to the incentive plans of the Ministry of Labor, more than 3,000 asylum seekers' contracts for employment have already been sealed by the Department of Labor.

Specifically, in statements to KYPE, the Director of the Labor Department of the Ministry of Labor, Alexandros Alexandrou, said that currently there are five projects, with a total budget of € 14.5 million, through which we accept applications for employment of the unemployed and added that the goal was to employ unemployed who are registered in the Labor Department of the Public Employment Service and “we have received 1,319 applications by January 17”.

“The budgeted amount has not been covered yet as we have the opportunity to receive about 150 applications in total,” he stressed.

Based on the total amount of € 14.5 million, which concerns all the plans for the employment of the unemployed, “there is still room” until the goal of employing approximately 1,450 unemployed is reached and it is left to the Minister of Labor Zeta Aimilianidou to decide how long the effort will continue, he added.

He said, however, that some of the incentive plans for recruiting the unemployed “are close to completion as their budget is committed”, such as the incentive plan for recruiting young people, aged 15-29, totaling € 2 , 5 cm., For which “we are a little above the target and the amount has been covered”, as he noted.

Also, Mr. Alexandrou said that the amount of € 4 million has been covered regarding the incentive plan for employment of the unemployed.

He noted that by decision of the Minister of Labor or the Council of Ministers the amounts that will not be used in one project can be transferred to other projects for which there is more demand.

He also said that for the plan for labor rehabilitation of released prisoners the target was 200 people “but so far we have received only 32 applications”.

Regarding the plan for the recruitment of people with chronic diseases, Mr. Alexandrou said that the target was for 100 people and we received only 11 applications, while for the plan for the recruitment of people with disabilities he stated that the target was 100 applications and only 8 applications were received. .

Applications for employment of asylum seekers

Besides, Mr. Alexandrou told KYPE that “we have sealed contracts and more than 3,000 asylum seekers have been employed so far”.

“We have sealed more than 3,000 contracts of asylum seekers for employment in the Cypriot labor market,” he said, noting that applications submitted during the week are also examined every Friday.

He said that the Ministry of Labor does not provide a subsidy for these recruitments, but “checks the terms of employment and contracts that they are based on domestic staff and that there is no exploitation by the employer.”

Mr. Alexandrou said that the request of the employer should fall within the areas of economic activity included in the Decree of the Minister of Labor.

Source: www.philenews.com

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