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Coca-Cola Cyprus invests in sustainable development and the circular economy

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Η Coca-Cola Κύπρου επενδύει στην αειφ ρο ανàπτυξη και την κυκλικor οικ&omicron ;νομiα

At a time when the earth's climate is rapidly changing due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable development and the circular economy are two related concepts that are gaining more and more value in the modern world. Today, tackling climate change requires immediate action from everyone, businesses, governments and individuals. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy sources and adapting to impacts on ecosystems, natural resources, food security and human health.

In recent years, Coca-Cola in Cyprus, true to its commitment to a more sustainable and resilient future for us and future generations, has been successfully integrating the principles of green development and the circular economy into its operations. By consistently promoting actions and information campaigns aimed at the adoption of a more environmentally friendly attitude by society, it wishes to contribute significantly to the strengthening of the collection and recycling rates of Cyprus.

Η Coca-Cola Κύπρου επενδύει σ την αειφoρο αναπτυξη και την κυκ λικor οικονομiα

To date, the company has made significant and steady steps in this direction. Guided by its global vision “For a world without waste”, it adopts the new non-removable caps on the plastic bottles of all juices, soft drinks and beverages included in its portfolio. With the new design, each package can be recycled in its entirety together with its lid, and with this change the company implements the European Directive and the national legislation one year earlier than the 2024 respective deadlines.

At the same time, Coca-Cola HBC in Cyprus strongly believes that the right information about environmental protection and recycling can make a decisive contribution to changing consumer attitudes towards waste. In this context, the company created the educational campaign “Forever Together”, through which it highlights the correct way to use and recycle the new packaging, so that we are all able to contribute in turn to the recycling cycle and reduce plastic waste. The renewed packaging in combination with the corresponding information campaign aims to strengthen the low – in relation to other countries of the European Union – recycling rates in our country.

Η Coca-Cola Κύπρου επεν&delta ει στην αειφoρο ανàπτυξη και τη&nu ; κυκλικor οικονομiα

The adoption of non-detachable caps is part of the company's overall strategy for a more sustainable future. The company's action that is part of this strategy is the Zero Waste Beach social platform. An initiative that strengthens circular economy operations and has recorded significant results since its launch in 2018 until today, as it has supported the collection of a total of over 2,500 tons of recyclable materials. The most recent initiative of the company in this direction is the adoption of the innovative KeelClip™ packaging for aluminum multipacks, which started in 2022 in our country and allowed Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus to abolish the use of plastic film and contribute with this way to drastically reduce plastic waste and increase collection and recycling rates.

Vangelis Moschos, Country Sales Director of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus notes that dealing with the climate crisis is something that concerns us all, both at a collective level and as an individual responsibility. “We need to take several steps to reduce the environmental footprint of human activities on the planet. The universal adoption of the principles of circular economy and recycling in our daily life is one of them. After all, in the effort to save the planet, for a better and more sustainable future, we all have a role and as a Coca-Cola system in Cyprus we will continue with the same zeal and diligence to work for the reversal of climate change, with actions and actions that will have significant impact on society and the planet,” says Mr. Moschos.

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