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Colors from the historic “canvas” of Larnaca in Piale Pasia

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Natasha Christoforou

A color palette, based on the rich history of Larnaca, which aims to highlight its culture and civilization, was chosen for the facades of houses in the Turkish Cypriot district, on Piale Pasia Street. The project, which is in the stage of maturation, aspires to be an impressive showcase of Cyprus, as it will be the first image that tourists will see from the plane arriving.

The painting of the facades in Piale Pasia is an initiative of the Municipality of Larnaca and the Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company (ETAP). A select group of artists consisting of Evros Evryviadis, Kyriakos Tsangaridis, Iosif Hatzikyriakos worked for the selection of the colors and members of the company Studio Bagno and Stefanos Thomson contributed.

The colors chosen were based on historical archives, paintings and engravings of the time. According to information from “F”, among the colors that will be used is the indigo, which has always been used in the province of Larnaca and can be found both in the preserved buildings in Lefkara and in buildings in the city, ocher and its shades, the yolk, burgundy and tile. Shades of colors that are historically related to the terra ombre will also be used. It is noted that the city and the province of Larnaca had a long tradition in the extraction of terra d'ombra, decades ago.

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The colors chosen are intended to be the basis for the creation of a color identity for Larnaca, which will be extended to the rest of the city and province, which will highlight its history.

The study for the painting of the facades in Piale Pasia, is an effort that has started many years ago and many consultations have taken place in the past. Although the intention was initially only to paint the facades of the houses, it was decided to expand the project and include changing the entrances and windows of the houses, in order to have uniformity. As a result, the cost of the project increased and for this reason, a request was made to the European Fisheries Program for funding.

EU financial assistance plan

According to the mayor of Larnaca, if the European budget is approved, the project will start in 2022. Andreas Vyras added that “it is a project that we really want to do. We will mature it in order for it to be ready and it will start soon. The cost came out higher than we expected and without the help of the EU it can not be implemented immediately, but there is a plan and the money will be found. The picture of the whole area will change. We want to make a project that is worthy of the hospitality and beauty of our island since Piale Pasia is the first image from Cyprus “.

At this stage, studies are being done for the tender documents and detailed recording, while the consent of the users of the Turkish Cypriot premises will be obtained. The goal is to preserve and paint all the facades of the premises from the Medieval Castle to Tapa Hana Park.

Source: www.philenews.com

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