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Common Chlorakas: Talks about cramped migrants in apartments with questionable water quality

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Common Chlorakas: Talks about cramped migrants in apartments with questionable water quality

The multidimensional immigration issue was one of the topics that occupied the topicality of yesterday, on the occasion of what DISY MP Charalambos Pazaros said at the meeting of the Ad hoc parliamentary committee for the Study of the Demographic Problem.

Mr. Pazaros, during the session, spoke about the well-known case of a building complex in Chloraka where a large number of immigrants live. He explained that while according to the specifications of the space 130 people should live there, nevertheless 400 people are accommodated.

However, the problem did not emerge in a xenophobic way on his part. Speaking to “P” yesterday, after the end of the session, Mr. Pazaros raised the issue of poor living conditions of asylum seekers living in Chloraka. He added that a solution must be found for all sides, although he acknowledged that it is very difficult. “Front cliff and back stream”, he commented characteristically.

Moreover, earlier and shortly after the end of the committee meeting, he had stated, among other things: “Immigration is an issue that is of great concern to the Cypriot society. We all know the weight that our country bears, since Cyprus proportionally holds the 1st place among all the member states of the European Union, with asylum seekers constituting 4% of our population “.

Water by tanker…

The mayor Nikolas Liasidis with his statements to “P”, and answering our question, raised the position that the owners of the apartment complex to which Mr. Pazaros had referred, for the last three years have been supplying water of dubious suitability to the apartments and with inappropriate way.

He added that apart from the fact that the arrival of a large number of immigrants causes a general problem in the community, there is a problem with the living conditions offered to them. He spoke of “unsuitable water used by the residents of the complex”, the receipt of which, according to what he claimed, “is done by a building located outside the community and within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Paphos”.

He added that after pumping, the water is transported by two tankers and then “the building complex is supplied with water through large plastic tanks and an underground pool, from where it ends up in the apartments”.

He also said that steps have been taken to the Municipality of Paphos, to whose jurisdiction the area from where the water is pumped belongs, without result. He explained that the Municipality, after a legal opinion, considers that the community authority of Chloraka should contact either the prefect of Paphos or the attorney general.

Mr. Liasidis also stated that the community council decided to cut off the water supply to the building in question from May 2018 and invoked a court decision.

He spoke about accumulated debts of 150,000 euros from the management company, which based on what he told us have been recognized by judicial authorities.

“Based on the information we have, more than 600 people can live in this complex. “100-120 apartments are rented for 500 euros and in several cases up to six people live in each”, concluded Mr. Liasidis.

Rejects the owner

The 70-year-old owner of the company that manages the building complex denies the unsuitability of water. In his posts in our newspaper he highlighted the position that water undergoes chemical analyzes and is safe for consumption.

Regarding the decision of the community authority to cut off the water supply, he claimed that “a court decision was made in the absence of our company, but we have also taken legal action”. Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that “due to the fact that court decisions are pending following actions by the company, I do not want to say more, respecting the courts.” He also claimed that his company acts in a way that does not ignore the human rights of immigrants.

In the Supreme

It should be noted that on the 10th of last August, the 70-year-old was arrested in the context of an investigated case of compliance with a decree (dated 03/12/2020) of the Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris. This decree prohibited the establishment of asylum seekers in Chloraka. He had testified and was subsequently released.

As the 70-year-old businessman told us, the day before yesterday, his lawyer filed an application with the Supreme Court for a Certiorari decree, with the aim of obtaining the annulment of his arrest warrant.

The offense under investigation carries a prison sentence of up to four years, or a fine of up to twenty thousand euros or both.

We remind you that on 10/08 members of the Aliens and Immigration Service, the Ulamos Crime Prevention and the Paphos Traffic Police, located eight asylum seekers in the building complex and were arrested. According to a press release issued by the Police, “they were violating a decree of the Ministry of Interior that prohibits applicants for international protection from residing within the administrative boundaries of the community of Chloraka”.

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