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Communities say no to the transfer of an asphalt plant from Cherry to Mitsero

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Communities say no to moving an asphalt plant from Cherry to Mitsero

The affected Community Councils adjacent to Mitsero request the cessation of the present environmental study and redefinition of its contents, in order to include the full investigation and clarification of the problematic situation of the asphalt unit, where the asphalt asphalt will be relocated by a decision of the Council of Ministers. unit from Cherry to Mitsero.

In today's announcement, the affected Community Councils state that only if these problems are proven to be resolved can the Communities consider relocating the asphalt plant in their area.

At the same time, they demand the start of the legalized integrated site study, which with transparent and clear criteria will examine many possible sites before proposing the most suitable for relocation, for which the detailed environmental impact study will be carried out.

In addition, they are calling on the government to end any licensing operations on the plant in Mitsero before their demands are met.

In addition, as mentioned in the announcement, relevant letters have been sent to the competent Ministers of Agriculture and Interior.

As they note, the Local Government has an obligation to protect the rights of its residents, as well as their safety and health, which under the circumstances they consider to be threatened.

They express their readiness to use all legal means of social and legal battle, to return the issue to its proper basis.

The affected areas, which are adjacent to Mitsero are Kato Moni, Agrokipia, Menoiko, Agios Ioannis, Arediou and Orounta.

In March 2020, the Mitcherou Community Council was informed of the relocation of an asphalt plant from the Tseri industrial area to the Mitserou area. It is noted, they state in the announcement, that the specific asphalt factory was at the center of the protests of the residents and the local authorities of the Municipalities and Communities of its area of operation, for intense and dangerous for the health from odors / gaseous emissions.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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