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COMPENSATIONS to 45 E/k from the “real estate committee” in 2024

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The publication adds that the total amount decided in the last 5 months it amounts to 25 million 410 thousand pounds while the fact that the most recent case for which a decision was made was pending for 6 years and the oldest 13 years is attracting attention.

It is noted that even if the the majority of damages awarded by the 'committee' are under £1 million, a large proportion of the total amount awarded in just 4 cases.

'The record award decision for the year was made in February. Pursuant to this decision, £11m will be paid to the claimant. In April damages of £7m were decided in two cases, one of which was paid £4m and the other £3m. The fourth file containing an amount in excess of one million pounds is a decision made in January for 1 million 300,000 pounds.”

The publication also states that decisions were made on 10 files in the past one month and adds that for these 10 decisions taken in May the amount of compensation is around 1 million 900,000 pounds sterling. The highest compensation in May was £511,000 and the lowest was £25,000.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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