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Complaint to the PD for development in the settlement of Athalassa: “Abuse and possible corruption”

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Complaint to the PD for development in the settlement of Athalassa:

In a letter to the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, a family of refugees from the occupied Morphou, she speaks of abuse of power and possible corruption.

In a written complaint, dated 23/07/2021, through their lawyer George Karapatakis, a 92-year-old refugee and her two sons claim that urban arbitrariness is being committed against them.

At the same time, they leave suspicions that the alleged arbitrariness may be related to possible deceit.

The happening

As they explain, they have been living since 1982 in an apartment building in the Athalassa Settlement, whose property they acquired legally.

They add that now, following a decision of the District Planning Authority, they are asked to demolish the roofs of the adjacent parking lots of their vehicles, to which they are beneficiaries, in order to (transfer them as such) “give them to a third person, This space was given with an urban planning permit as a space for access to for-profit development, ie the conversion of a small residential unit into a total of 4 apartments “.

It is even noted that as a result of the above, “}…} the parking spaces were given as access to this profitable development…”.

The question

In the letter to the President, after first stating that while the parking spaces used by the family are included in the plan of the Athalassa Settlement and therefore -as they claim- are their beneficiaries, they wonder how the Planning Authority granted the relevant permit to the third person.

Elsewhere it is stated that “these parking lots of our customers, while they were in the plan of the Athalassa Settlement, in the year 1082, when the construction of the said settlement was completed, were not registered in the Land Registry”.


In fact, the letter from the family refers to “information we have” and bears the official who examined the planning request of the third person to have a special relationship with the applicant.

Due to this relationship, they conclude that the applicant and the official “took advantage of the fact that the said parking lots had not been registered in the Land Registry and proceeded to grant the said urban planning permit”.

The letter asks the presidency to examine the facts and take action to reverse the part of the planned development that will affect the family.

In addition, the position is expressed that “to date, the Town Planning has not granted planning permits to build apartments in Refugee Settlements for profit.”

Finally, the President is asked -among other things- to examine the data and take measures to reverse the planned development that will affect the family, but also “to register these parking lots of our customers in the Nicosia District Land Registry”.


Secure information tells us that the issue has already occupied the competent department of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing.

According to the positions presented by a responsible person of the department, the data are not as described in the letter. Based on a preliminary examination, the planning permission was given to the individual legally.

As explained to us by a person who is aware of the issue, property titles have been given to the owners of the properties in the Athalassa Settlement, but not for the parking spaces.

The position was also expressed that these spaces have been illegally housed and used.

As for the development that the third person intends to do and for which he has received permission from the competent provincial department of Urban Planning, it was done after consultation of the competent official with the headquarters and it was found that everything was legal.

In addition, the assurance is given that all the necessary procedures will be done in order for all the owners of the settlement to legally receive from a parking lot.

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