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Complaint: Transplanted patient was in a common room for 4 days

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    Transplant patient was 4 days in a common ward – The Rare Disease Alliance complains – Requests an investigation

    The investigation of a case of a liver transplant patient, who was not hospitalized in the Transplant Clinic of the Nicosia General Hospital but was admitted to a public < strong>four-bed surgical room, the Pancypriot Alliance of Rare Diseases requests from OKYpY.

    In its announcement, the Alliance talks about the non-compliance with agreements by OKypY, the which were made before the Parliamentary Health Committee and which were confirmed by the Minister of Health himself that in case transplant patients need to be hospitalized, they should be admitted to the existing Transplant Clinic of the Nicosia General Hospital.

    Regarding an incident that happened last Saturday when a liver transplant patient had to be admitted for hospitalization at the Nicosia General Hospital.

    “Based on all the commitments that have been given we expected the admission of the patient in the Transplantation Clinic, but the OKYPY worked, once again, in a other way and the patient was admitted to a common four-bed operating room with the risks this entails for his exposure to various risks of infection”, it is stated in the announcement of the Alliance.

    Finally, he says, after several steps were taken, promises were made that the patient would be transferred to the Transplantation Clinic on Wednesday and after 4 days of his hospitalization in a common operating room room.

    The Alliance requests an investigation of the incident in question and expects the leaders of the OKYPY to explain to it who made this decision and why the agreed procedure was not followed.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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