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Complaints about incidents of violence and unfair competition from foreign businesses in old Nicosia

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The situation prevailing in the area of ​​old Nicosia occupied the Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee for the Study of the Demographic Problem on Tuesday.

The chairman of the committee and ELAM MP Linos Papagiannis stated after the end of the session that the residents who were represented by shopkeepers and other associations have clearly stated that the problems facing the wider area are tragic, clarifying that they have denounced unfair competition with businesses which do not receive any control and belong to foreigners.

“They have reported incidents of violence, some of which have not even been shown. They have also denounced the overpopulation of the wider region by illegal and legal immigrants and the most tragic of all is that as a state there is no coordinated plan to deal with it  this image,” he noted.

Mr. Papagiannis also added that there will be another session on the same topic because the questions and answers from the relevant departments were not completed, adding that  no matter how many sessions are held, no matter how many residents are invited to the committee, the problem will not be solved unless the management of the Government changes, which should have been much tougher in dealing with immigration throughout the years.

“It is good for the authorities to realize that another part of Cyprus is being lost and that is the old Nicosia,” he concluded. and residents of the area for illegalities, for phenomena of criminality and unfair competition.

“We call on the relevant state agencies, the Police and the municipal authorities to take the necessary actions and checks to ensure legality in the region, as well as security, in order to create quality conditions for development and prosperity”, he added.

DIKO Member of Parliament Zacharias Koulias said that immigrants have turned into shopkeepers, they carry out business activities without any control and a lot of criminal offenses are committed, while many owners rent properties at high rents.

He added that there is a complete lack of the state to control permits and hygiene rules, while according to the Asylum Service, anyone receiving a benefit is prohibited from running any form of business.

“The state is called upon to intervene immediately and declare his presence and apply the law, from the Municipality of Nicosia to all the other services involved”, he concluded.

DIPA Member of Parliament Alekos Tryfonidis spoke about the sad situation in old Nicosia and about complaints from residents and businessmen that all government agencies are aware of, as well as about properties with deficient sanitary conditions, illegal businesses that compete with legal ones, and wondered how such a thing it is possible.

According to the services of the state, continued Mr. Tryfonidis, an irregular immigrant can develop any business activity when his application is evaluated and he is granted refugee or supplementary protection status.< /p>

Despite the honorable efforts of the Police and all services, the issue is not being resolved, on the contrary, it is increasing, he stressed, adding that neither residents nor visitors to leisure centers and shops can move around at night.

He also mentioned that the session will continue next week, where they were invited to present the data and checks carried out by the health services, the municipal services for the suitability of the premises, the Police and the Ministry of Labour.

“For us, the issue is highly political and all the co-competent Ministers must be invited together with the competent committee to make decisions on how to stop these sad phenomena and the measures we take collectively to be implemented”, he underlined, adding that he has asked his services of the state to answer how it is possible to give real estates that belong either to the guardian, or to the Prefecture, or to the town planning department, and for a Greek Cypriot owner to have 5-6 real estates, which he then comes and rents to foreigners at high rents.

Finally, on behalf of the Association of Shopkeepers of Old Nicosia, Sakis Siakopoulos said that there is unfair competition between them and illegal businessmen without licenses.

“We have confidence in the state, we want the state to bend onto the problem and it can be solved. State services can, as long as the state enacts laws and then they are implemented if they are voted, it needs will from the state and all parties,” he said.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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