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Complaints KYSOA-“A woman with a disability is being asked to leave the Melathro Agonists”

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Καταγγελεσ&Kappa ;ΥΣΟΑ-«Γυναλκα με αναπηρλα καλε τε να φyγει απo το Μeλαθρο Αγωνισ&tau ;oν»

For the indifference of the Social Welfare Services and the Municipality of Limassol for a woman with a disability, the Cyprus Confederation of Disabled Organizations (CYSOA) speaks in its announcement.

< p>Specifically, KYSOA reports that the woman, after an eight-month period of treatment and rehabilitation at the Melathros Agonistos in Limassol, is asked to leave the Melathros without having completed her rehabilitation process and without being able to return to her own residence.< /p>

She adds that despite the persistent efforts made by herself, her family and the Cyprus Confederation of Organizations of the Disabled, she will be transferred out of the institution tomorrow, while the relevant government services are well aware that there are steps at the entrance to the semi-basement apartment where she lived before, while on the only, alternative door from which she could have entered through the kitchen, a building (garage) was placed by third parties, blocking her way and depriving her of the right to stay in her own residence.

She reports , also that the Social Welfare Services refuse to arrange for the transfer of the woman to another rehabilitation center to complete treatment or to find suitable accommodation for her, and to proceed without further delay in taking all necessary measures so that the woman her to continue a quality life, with respect for her human dignity.

Finally, KYSOA asks her to the intervention of the competent authorities of the Municipality of Limassol “to remove the illegality and apply the laws of the Republic for the demolition and removal of the existing, illegally placed obstacles, in order to allow their citizen to have unhindered, unhindered access to her own residence safely and without any difficulty”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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