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Concerns remain about THIMELI – When will the consultations be completed

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We share the same concerns in some parts of the THIMELI project, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Vasiliki Kassianidou, said on Wednesday during the open consultation with institutions and people in the sector of the theater with the theme “THIMELI 2024 Project – B Semester”.

Addressing the theater operators who attended, the Deputy Minister said, according to a statement from the Deputy Ministry of Culture, that “reading the comments and observations you have sent in writing, I have found that we share the same concerns in certain parts of the Thymeli project”.

He added that they concern “points such as the way the Cyprus project is managed, the number of approved proposals, the discrepancy in the composition of the team and others”.

The Deputy Minister of Culture stated “she is certain that through the open and honest exchange of views, we will manage to identify the best solutions”.

Before giving the floor to the participants in the consultation, Mrs. Kassianidou reiterated that “the priority of the Deputy Ministry of Culture is the development, strengthening and promotion of the theater sector and the people who work in it”.

He added that “we consider the sector as an integrated and sustainable tool, which can make a decisive contribution to social cohesion and to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of our country”.

Vasiliki Kassianidou assured that “with this belief as a starting point and based on mutual understanding and equal exchange of ideas, the Deputy Ministry stands beside you on the way to a more creative formation of our cultural landscape”.

In her introductory speech during the open consultation, the Deputy Minister said that “the process of evaluating the requests submitted for the plan to finance the operational costs of theater organizations that maintain a permanent home is being completed and the answers are expected to be sent within the next few days”.

He added that “the responses to the project's requests to cover the costs of promotion, communication and international networking and to the requests of the Cultural Creators' plan have already been sent”.

He also said , the answers to the requests of the “Theatre” Plan of the “Culture” Program, are expected to be sent around the end of March.

As the Deputy Minister said “we recognize that the field of theater faces major challenges that cannot be met solely by a single plan or by measures that focus only on grants”.

She noted that “it is clear that real progress in the field of theater requires greater effort, a more holistic approach and strategic planning”.

Ms Kassianidou characterized the current phase as “transitional,” referring, he said, to “our short-term and long-term strategic planning that we have put in place, which will help, among other things, with the sustainability and viability of the theater space.”

He added that “our effort at the moment is to contribute to the promotion of theater productions that receive a grant from THIMELI”.

As the Deputy Minister explained, “in the first stage we created page on the website of the Deputy Ministry, where the user can find gathered all the information about the theater productions of the semester, which we promote on our Social Media”.

She stated that “in a second stage, the Deputy Ministry intends to carry out further dissemination actions through a wider campaign”.

As the Deputy Minister said “in collaboration with the Press Office and Information we will proceed with the production of audio-visual material and spots for diffusion in the Mass Media and Social Networking Media, while we will print printed material (publications) with the information of the theater producers for distribution to the general public, in targeted areas”.

The Deputy Ministry of Culture is also studying the design of new policies to support the theater sector and specifically, according to the Deputy Minister, “we are investigating the creation of a sponsorship program that will concern young business professionals and/or a platform for the presentation of theatrical productions by first-time artists” .

The Deputy Minister said that “we consider the extroversion of the sector equally important, because this and we are studying ways of supporting it and in this context through the Support Plan for Cultural Creators, an effort is made to support almost all applicants for going abroad and participating in theatrical actions, events and festivals abroad”.

He added that “together with the Cyprus Center of the International Theater Institute we now support and co-organize the Week of Cypriot Theatrical Work in Athens at the National Theatre, while we are studying the possibility of organizing a showcase with Cypriot theatrical productions”.

He also mentioned that “in the context of our planning, our effort will be to strengthen and promote the cultural sector, through the implementation of an Audience Development Plan, which will aim to make culture more accessible and attractive to a wider audience”.

Additionally, he continued, “the Deputy Ministry is proceeding with the purchase of services to conduct quantitative and qualitative market research that will be addressed on the one hand to the public and on the other to the theater world, with questionnaires that will focus both on issues of public preferences and choices, as well as and in matters of artists' needs”.

The findings and results of these investigations will serve us in policy making and in the design of new sponsorship programs.

As the Deputy Minister said, “this study will also help to review and redesign our existing sponsorship programs both in the theater sector and in other sectors, incorporating a more effective and sustainable approach”.

He noted that “our aim is to make cultural organizations more resilient and adapted to contemporary needs and challenges, so that they can continue to deliver quality cultural content”.

The plans of the Deputy Ministry also include the creation of a framework for tax incentives, while the tax exemption of the amounts that can be given by companies and individuals to support cultural organizations and actions is also a measure promoted in the context of the government's policy for Integrated Fiscal Transformation, said the Deputy Minister.

“The goal is to financially support culture and the private sector through these tax incentives,” the Deputy Minister concluded.< /p>

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