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Confrontation in the occupied territories over the Cyprus issue

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Confrontation in the occupied territories over the Cyprus issue

Controversy over the solution model of the Cyprus problem took place yesterday in the “parliament” on the occasion of statements of the “foreign minister” for a confederation and reports for the briefing of party leaders last Friday at the meeting at the “presidential” under Turkish leader Ersin Tatar.

According to the GTP, Cyprus writes that the opposition has warned that the Turkish leader should not go to the informal five-party conference with the position for a “two-state solution”.

RTK President Tufan Erhurman and KKD President Cemal Όzgγιt said that if the Turkish Cypriot side joins the informal Pentagon with the position of a “two-state solution”, it will once again be described as the uncompromising side and the price will be asked to pay will be very heavy.

Mr Erhurman said that in the event that they move to the informal five-party system with the “recently announced approaches”, President Anastasiadis would be described as the party in line with UN Security Council resolutions and the Turkish Cypriot side as the non-aligned party. harmonizes with these resolutions and does not want a solution.

“If the Turkish Cypriot side falls into this situation, the price for it will be very heavy. It is helpful for everyone to reconsider their positions. This approach is an approach far removed from the overall solution. “

In his own speech, Cemal γιzgτt stated that Mr. Tatar is trying to achieve the impossible in the Cyprus issue and that he has put the “two-state solution” on the agenda, covering behind Turkey. Noting that the Turkish Cypriot leader speaks of a “two-state solution” and the “foreign minister” Thaksin Ertugrouloglou of a “confederation solution”, ok. Ozgit claimed that different and contradictory statements are made in the Cyprus issue and there is no unity.

According to Mr. Ozgit, if they go this way to the informal pentagon, the Turkish Cypriot side will again be characterized as uncompromising.

Ertougrouloglou: Confederation is a federal solution

The Turkish Cypriot press refers today to Ertugrouloglou's statements yesterday in the “parliament” about the confederation and that his own references to a confederation should not be taken as an abandonment of the two equal sovereign states because the confederation is composed of two equal sovereign states and there is no inconsistency. in the fact that the basis of the whole affair are the two separate sovereign states.

The expression “federal solution” should not be interpreted only as a federation and under the “federal capital” is both the federation and the confederation, according to Mr. Ertugrouloglou.

Arguing that if there will be a new cooperative between the two sides and stressing the word “if”, Mr. Ertogrouloglou said that this cooperative could only be a confederation and argued that they should move on the basis of two equal sovereign states. He cited the European Union as an example of a confederation.

He also claimed that the Greek Cypriots were pretending to want a solution and wasting the Turkish Cypriots' time forcing them to sit at the negotiating table. In this context, he added, the United Nations is causing the greatest damage to Turkish Cypriots. When they say this, they characterize them as “enemies of the solution”, but he does not accept this characterization, he said, saying that the United Nations and “southern Cyprus”, in his expression, are the ones who move away from the solution.

Ertugrouloglou also said that if there is to be a new cooperative, it must be set up on a stronger foundation than the 1960 cooperative.

Quarrels in the “parliament” with the “sub”

Ertugrouloglou's speech was followed by criticism mainly from “MPs” of the RTK and KKD parties, while the quarrel was intense with the “MP” of the RTK, Ozdil Nami, who wondered what was preventing Mr. Ertugrouloglou from implementing these policies, but also does and what meetings it conducts in this direction. Mr. Nami accused Mr. Ertugrouloglou of forcing the “people” to pay the price for their policies. The “MP” of the same party, Dougos Deria, accused Ertugrouloglou of demagogy.

RTK President Tufan Erhurman said he was ashamed of making political assessments with “the aura of the Stone Age”. He said that there can be no talk of “sovereignty” only at the negotiating table on the Cyprus issue, but “sovereignty” also applies during the “elections” for the people who will run the community. Referring to Turkey's interventions in the recent “presidential elections”, Erhurman wondered: “In order for a state to be a state, shouldn't it elect those who will govern it of its own free will? “Where were you then?”

When “Deputy Prime Minister” Erhan Arikli argued that the Greek Cypriots would not change their stance on the Cyprus issue even after 50 years, Mr. Erhurman wondered the motives for accepting the confederation based on the sovereign equality of the Greek Cypriots. on the basis of political equality.

When Mr. Arikli cited Serbia and Kosovo as examples, Tufan Erhurman pointed to UN resolutions and pointed out that it was not right for them to experiment when it came to the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot “people”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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